Career in Banking Field-Scope in Urdu & English

If we do talk about some of the best career options for the individuals then this list would be incomplete without mentioning with the name of banking field. Banking is considered to be one of the most major sectors of the market ground that do holds the prominent importance in the economy. It is one of those sectors that would highlight the development of the nation growth rate. It do plays vital role in performing the services of loans and even managing the funds and savings of the nation. Within Pakistan, there are so many banks who are often associated with the international banking field for serving better services to the people of Pakistan.

Career in Banking Field-Scope in Urdu & English

Career in Banking Field-Scope in Urdu & English

Introduction On Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India is also known by the name of RBI. It is basically known as the supreme banking association that is engaged in having the control over the monetary policies and also on the banking areas. It is a famous bank that is located in India. One of the best features related with this bank sector is that it would put forward some policies that would bring about some sort of effectiveness in the services of the banking.

Talk About Various Areas of Banking:

Bank is not just about depositing the money and receiving it from the banks. It do involve so many other tasks in which tasks in which it highlight the career opportunities to the new individuals. Career of the banking is also revolving all around the non-banking functions including with the names of the marketing and also the public relations. There are many more handsome services that are being perform inside the bank such as:

Personal Banking Service:

In this sector a wide range of the banking services are being provided to the small business sectors. It do perform it tasks all through the branch networks for dealing with the customers of the various departments. It also help out the customers to let them know that how they can open their accounts in the banks.

About Merchant Banking:

Merchant banking is another one of the basic services of the banking that is basically engaged in offering the funding services to the customers. In some of its basic services we would ideally be mentioning with the names of purchase and selling of shares all along with the international banking and public offers too.

What Is Eligibility Criteria For Career Banking?

If you want to be the part of the banking career then it is important that you should be having the age limit of 28 years old. You should be having the qualification of BA/BSC in order to move into the sectors of the cashier or the clerk job. For the banking areas, much preference is given to the candidates who are from the background of computer or the law and engineering.


So this was the end of the discussion about the career of banking field. No doubt that this field would assist you in giving your future with the brighter prospects.

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