How to Block & Report Stolen/Lost or Snatched Mobile Phones in Pakistan? PTA Guidelines

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA Guidelines For Reporting and Blocking of Snatched, Stolen or Misplaced Cell Phone in Pakistan
Cell phones have become very important part of our daily life and we can not even think to live without it. Its too a bitter fact that hundreds of mobiles are stolen and snatched daily in Pakistan. Some people misplace their handsets too unintentionally. In any such case one should first of all block his/her sim then there is a need of reporting and blocking the snatched, lost or stolen cell phone through Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). On this page we shall share A to Z procedure about blocking and reporting about misplaced, stolen and snatched mobile phone in Pakistan. Details about this procedure has been provided by PTA. Details on this page are also available in Urdu language. You should follow the following steps one by one;


How To Block a Snatched or Misplaced Cell Phone in Pakistan? PTA Guide
Through the same procedure you may report and block your lost mobile handset through PTA. For reporting to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chose on of these methods; You can call on the helpline by dialing 0800-25625
You can lodge your complaint with PTA by sending a detailed email to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) at imei
Alternatively you can also visit head office of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or its nearest regional office.
There is also an option of contacting Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC). CPLC helpline numbers are 1102, 021-35662222 & 021-35682222.


List of Required Information For Blocking a Lost Mobile Phone
List of all IMEI’s of snatched or misplaced handset
Cell number which was being used in misplaced handset
Model, color and brand of lost mobile phone
Exact date and time of incident
Name of Complainant
CNIC number of Complainant
Father’s name/ Mother’s name of Complainant
Postal Address
Present Phone number


How to Check The Present Status of Your Complaint & Handset?
You will have to wait at least 1 working hours after lodging the complaint. After this period you may check the current status of you complaint and lost cell phone through following methods;
a-First option is of sending 15 digits IMEI through SMS to 8484.
b-Secondly you can visit following web URL;
c-Lastly you may check the status of your stolen handset through android application (DVS).


PTA Helpline, UAN, Email, Fax No, Online Complaint, Address & Live Chat


Points To Be Remember
1-Always block your sim first so that no body may be able to use it for wrong or illegal purposes.
2-Once blocked, you will see the following status against the lost IMEI search:

” Your mobile device (IMEI#) is blocked(Reported Stolen/Lost/Misused to PTA)”

3-You may find the IMEI# of your device b dialing *#06#. IMEI number is also given in the settings of your handset. It is also printed on the device box. Read PTA guideline in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting. Keep visiting for more reading more useful posts on legal and technology related topics.


PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method- Step by Step Guide in Urdu & English


How to Block & Report Stolen/Lost or Snatched Mobile Phones in Pakistan?

How to Block & Report Stolen/Lost or Snatched Mobile Phones in Pakistan?