Air Ambulance Services, Facilities, Rate, History & Future (Urdu-English)

General Knowledge (GK) About Flying Ambulance Service or Medical Flight Industry, Key Features, History, Rates, Facts & Figures
Air ambulance service is used to shift the patients in emergency conditions to hospitals through airplane. British medical air service is the best air ambulance service of the world. This company provides the service to the patients from all countries of the world. For short distances flying ambulance service is provided through helicopters while for long distances even jet airplanes are used. All the facilities of an intensive care unit is provided in air ambulances.


In large air ambulance number of patients can be transported very carefully. A large number of latest medical instruments are installed with each bed for monitoring the condition of patients continuously. In case of any critical issue alarm bell informs the doctor about the situation. Generally breathing apparatus, monitoring system, blood transfusion apparatus, pace makers, ultrasound machine, X-ray machine, ECG machine etc are provided in flying ambulance. Good stock of life-saving drugs and general medicines is present in the medical flight. Due to all these facilities patients are safely transferred from home to hospital.


History of Air Ambulance
The concept of air ambulance is not a new concept. The first air ambulance was used in 1870 by French army in the German-French war of 1870. This air ambulance was not mechanical as airplane was invented in 1903. French army just use hot air balloons to rescue its soldiers. Air transport including air ambulance was first time used in the first world war. Then its use increased dramatically during WW2 (1939-1945), Korean war(1950-1953) and the Vietnam war (1955-1975). British army used the flying ambulance first time in 1917 when a soldier who was hit by a bullet was transferred from the battle field to a military hospital in 45 minutes. Private air ambulance companies were launched in the third decade of 20th century.


Scope of Air Ambulance Industry & Rates

In USA there are more than 21000 professionals are serving in the medical flight industry. In average they receive more than 68000$ salary. They serve at least 400000 patients annually. Old people are the biggest cause of boom in this medical flight industry. This industry is progressing in USA with the annual rate of 10 percent. Rates of medical flight depends upon distance, required facilities, and urgency. Details about medical flight industry have been given below in Urdu language too. Stay connected with us for reading more informative articles in Urdu and English.

Air Ambulance Services, Facilities, Rate, History & Future (Urdu-English)

Air Ambulance Services, Facilities, Rate, History & Future (Urdu-English)

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