PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method- Step by Step Guide in Urdu & English

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method- How To Verify The Status of Your Mobile Phone’s IMEI via SMS and APP
Here are the details for you about this PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority mobile phone verification method. By going through this verification process, your mobile phone will enter into the category of PTA compliant mobile phone and all of the illegal phones will then be blocked. Here is the procedure for you that how can you complete this verification process. Note down all of the details and complete and process this verification method on time. This DIRBS system is announced by PTA, by using this system, all of the mobile phone users will get this verification that whether their phones are complaint and legal or not. It is according to the PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority rules and regulations that you have to verify these mobile phones of yours. More details on this verification method is written below for the readers:

Details of PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method
To know about the IMEI of your mobile phone, you have to dial *#06#. This is the official method which you will follow, it is important for you to first know your IMEI number, only then you can proceed to the next steps.

To know the status of your device, do sms your IMEI number on this number which is 8484. So after getting the IMEI number of yours, you can send this number right on the mentioned 8484 number so that you can pass this verification stage as soon as possible.

To verify the IMEI number, visit this site which is

If your IMEI number is already registered and approved then you does not have to carry and proceed any of the further steps.
If you will get the message that your mobile phone is compliant, then you can freely use this phone of yours.

Other Important Instructions on Verifying The Status of Your Mobile Phone’s IMEI via SMS & APP
If you want to buy any of the new mobile phone, then make sure that you send its IMEI number on 8484 so that you can receive a verification that whether this phone is in the compliant category or in the non compliant category.

All of the non compliant phones will be closed and shut down after 20th Oct 2018.

It is advised that you should always get and buy the PTA compliant and registered devices.

All the devices which are using sim cards, like we have a simple smart phone, tablet or Dongle, they have to complete this process of verification.

This is the detailed method which is announced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA for the verification phase of these mobile phones. We know that in Pakistan we are seeing the huge presence of illegal and non compliant phones, this practice can be eradicated if all phones will pass and abide the rules of this verification and approval process. So follow this process as the last date is coming soon, make and let your phone to enter into the legal and compliant category of PTA and stay tuned with us to catch up with more updates.

PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method- Step by Step Guide in Urdu & English

PTA Mobile Phone Verification Method- Step by Step Guide in Urdu & English