How To Become a Military Engineer in Pak Army? Guide, Super Tips, Eligibility, Procedure

How To Join Pakistan Army for Becoming an Army Engineer? Tips, Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines for Joining Military Engineering Services

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How To Become a Military Engineer in Pak Army? Guide, Super Tips, Eligibility, Procedure


Hence Pak army at the same time made normal strides for the sake if commissioned officers as in their technical fields in order that all students of their high-quality abilities of the world while serving the country within the regions of interest, additionally served as military officers. Hence this is hence a top notch opportunity for all FSC as (pre-engineering) college students to use along the PMA set of long course as well as or even just as being a technical based cadet. Consistent with this manner you become a professional engineer as well as additionally an experienced army officer post. Eligibility scales of necessities are somehow the same when it comes to the navy officer. The initial test will consist of some questions which are related to the subjects of English, or math, as well as physics, or chemistry, and computer.


Age as within the 17 years as to around 21 years will be included with some discount.
Status of martial should not be married.
Nationality should be coming out as the main citizenship of Pakistan. Any candidate who is having a second citizenship has to simply withdraw it.



Physical Criteria for Applicants
Height should be minimum 5 ft four inches
weight should be according to bodily requirements



Qualification Criteria for Applicants
It is important for the applicant that they should be having a degree of FSC as pre engineering in the subjects of mathematics, computer studies, physics or chemistry. They should be having a score grade of around 65% in the course of computer science. They hence should have scored at least A grade in the subject of Chemistry. It is important for the applicant to also attach the letter that has been issued by the side of the university management.



How To Join Pak Army? Urdu & English Guide and Tips



At the time of the registration process, you should be visiting the main official website of the army engineering so you can get extra information about the whole process. You should be extremely careful when it comes to the attachment of the documents because in case if incomplete documents are attached it will cancel the application form.



We hope that this blog post would have let you know all the basic details about the application form submission and the major requirements needed to become the part of Pak Army as an army engineer. Follow the guidelines which we have mentioned for you and make yourself to be the proud part of Pak Army as a military engineer. For reading tips click on the links given on this page.


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