How To Join Pak Army 2024? Urdu & English Guide and Tips

How To Join Pakistan Army 2024? Urdu & English Guide and Super Tips
Do you wish to join Pak army in 2024? If yes then we can tell you about many of the options with the help of them you can serve in this most and extremely reputable sector. This sector basically gives you many of the options, you can either register yourself in the PMA long course, or you can register yourself in the technical cadet scheme program. We have seen that this Pak army has their own medical college and from this medical college, MBBS graduates are passed out. Those students who could not make their way in the private and public medical colleges, they can apply on the safe hand side in this army medical college as well. Here we will mention few of the schemes and Pak army linked programs to you, in this way the concerned applicants will get an idea that in which categories they can apply and register themselves:



PMA Long Course Option of Joining Pak Army

This long course has a duration of two years, just the unmarried applicants can apply for this long course. The Pakistan nationality holders and also the citizens of Azad Kashmir can submit their forms. Candidates possessing the dual nationality background, their forms will not be accepted.


To get selected for this long course, you have to pass certain modules. Like first you will be given a written test stage, then interview will happen, physical test and medical exam phase will be commenced. It is the job of ISSB which is Inter Services Selection Board who deals and handle this selection process.



Technical Cadet Scheme Option of Joining Pak Army

For the fsc pre engineering category applicants, we have one exclusive option open for them and it is this technical cadet scheme.
If you have 60% marks in your fsc pre engineering exam then you can apply in this category. The first phase of this scheme is composed of the written test and your test questions will be based on these subjects and they are physics, Maths and chemistry.



Join Pak Army Through Army Medical College Offering MBBS Program

If you want to link yourself with the Pak army sector at any cost, then the other way and path which is opened for you is to register in its medical college. This is the college which offers MBBS studies program.


The age limit and condition to be in MBBS program, it is 17 years and not more or less than that. Then only fsc pre medical applicants can apply in this college which is linked to Pak army category.


The rank and post of Captain is given to the students who pass out with their MBBS program. You get directly be appointed on Captain post once you pass your MBBS graduation right from Army medical college.



PMA Long Course Training Center- Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul

This Pak military academy which is present and situated in Kakul, it is the main academy and training center of the selected applicants of PMA long course.


The duration of two years has to be completed by these candidates so that they can pass out with their PMA long course. In this two year span, the candidates will get all free lunch and free accommodation, free uniform.


In this academy, the passed out PMA long course officers have to pass the intense training stages. And they are also given monthly stipend during this phase.


Top 20 Tips to Join Pak Army

1. Research & Understand the Requirements

Start by researching the eligibility criteria, educational requirements & physical standards needed to join the Pak Army. This will give you a clear understanding of what is expected of you.


2. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is of utmost importance in the Pak Army. Start a regular exercise routine to build stamina, strength & endurance. Focus on activities like running, swimming and strength training.

3. Academic Excellence

Education plays a vital role in joining the Pak Army. Aim for academic excellence to meet the required educational qualifications for your desired role.



4. Prepare for Written Exams

Most positions in the Pak Army require written exams. Prepare well in advance by studying relevant subjects & practicing previous exam papers.


5. Improve General Knowledge

Stay updated with current affairs, national & international news, and general knowledge. This will help you during the written exams and interviews.


6. Leadership Skills

The Pak Army values leadership skills. Engage in activities that develop your leadership abilities like volunteering, participating in team sports or joining youth organizations.


7. Discipline & Time Management

Cultivate discipline and practice effective time management skills. The Pak Army requires individuals who are punctual, organized & can follow orders.


8. Enhance Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential in the Pak Army. Work on improving your verbal & written communication abilities to effectively convey your thoughts and ideas.


9. Learn Basic First Aid

Basic first aid knowledge is valuable in any field, including the Pakistan Army. Enroll in a first aid course to learn life-saving techniques.



10. Familiarize Yourself with Army Values

Understand & internalize the core values of the Pak Army, such as loyalty, integrity, and selfless service. Embrace these values in your daily life.



11. Mental Toughness

The Pak Army requires mental toughness to face challenging situations. Develop resilience & a strong mindset to overcome obstacles and maintain a positive attitude.



12. Stay Updated on Military Affairs

Stay informed about military affairs, defense strategies, and the role of the Pak Army. This will give you a deeper understanding of your potential future career.


13. Seek Guidance from Current or Former Army Personnel

Connect with individuals who have served or are currently serving in the Pak Army. Seek their guidance & learn from their experiences.



14. Prepare for Physical Tests

The Pak Army conducts physical tests to assess candidates’ fitness levels. Train specifically for these tests to increase your chances of success.



15. Psychological Assessment

Be prepared for psychological tests & assessments. These tests evaluate your mental stability and suitability for military service.



16. Prepare for Interviews

Interviews are an integral part of the selection process. Practice answering common interview questions & be confident and articulate during the interview.


17. Dress & Groom Professionally

Present yourself in a professional & disciplined manner during the selection process. Dress appropriately and maintain proper personal grooming.



18. Be Honest & Transparent

Honesty & transparency are crucial qualities the Pak Army looks for in its recruits. Be truthful during the entire application and selection process.



19. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

The Pak Army values individuals who can think critically & solve problems effectively. Enhance your problem-solving abilities through puzzles, quizzes, and real-life scenarios.



20. Never Give Up

Joining the Pak Army is a highly competitive process. Don’t get disheartened by setbacks or rejections. Stay persistent, keep improving & never give up on your dream.


So this is the complete guide to join Pak army 2024.


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