How to Avoid Cyberbullying? Intro, Forms, Tips, Reporting (Urdu-English)

How to Prevent Cyber Bullying in Pakistan? Tips For Avoiding Cyber Harassment 
Among different types of bullying, the act of Cyber-bulling is considered to be one of the most dangerous and harmful activity for any person. In most of the countries the act of the cyber-bullying is considered to be a big crime and special offence charges are applied on the person who is performing this act.



What are the Reasons of Cyberbullying?
Cyber-bulling is becoming one of the most sensitive and a hot topic to discuss in the social media world. This activity has often become the main cause of suicide for so many people in different countries in which this act is taken to be a sort of crime. If we talk about the Cyber-bulling, then it is all about creating a fake profile of someone just to insult or humiliate them in public places, leaking out someone private information or pictures which is a cause of humiliation for them, abusing someone on social media without letting them know and so many more deeds.



What are the Risks of Cyberbullying?
Although there are different types of bullying and all of them are risky and harmful for the person who is facing it. But among all the types, Cyber-bulling is one of the most dangerous ones because it can ruin the whole personality and character of the person who is facing it. A person who has been leaking out someone else private information or pictures on the Facebook might have a private account which can let that information to be shown by every single person who is part of their contact list. They can forward that image or video to other person as a medium of entertainment for them.



How to Keep Yourself Safe?
Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is that how you can keep yourself safe from it. In this respect you need to follow few basic rules as mentioned below:


You should not be sharing your social media passwords with any of your friend or the family member even though if you are having a full trust on them.


You should have a complete know how about the privacy settings and how you have to protect your password in case if it gets hacked.



How to Block Someone?
If any person has been bullying you through their comments or words on your social media account, then the first option is to report the Facebook or the specific social media account with their ID link. You can also block their ID as well so you would not be able to view their comments or the statements about you anymore.



Cyberbullying Reporting
Any person who has been involved in the act of Cyber-bulling, they do know the fact that their leaked out images or the videos will be a source of entertainment for some of the people and they will definitely forward it. But you can instantly stop the whole activity by making it report in the Cyberbulling reporting in a form of application submission. Now read tips in Urdu language on how to avoid cyberbullying;


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How to Avoid Cyberbullying? Intro, Forms, Tips, Reporting (Urdu-English)


How to Avoid Cyberbullying? Intro, Forms, Tips, Reporting (Urdu-English)