Career as Voiceover Artist in Pakistan, Scope, Pay, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)

Become a Voiceover Artist in Pakistan, Career Counseling Guide For Beginners, Scope, Salary, Jobs & Tips in Urdu & English
Voice over is also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary. This is one such kind of profession in which the voice of the artist and the artist himself stays behind the camera lens and they voice is delivered in front of the audience. Over some news channels, you might have probably seen so many news casters who are presenting you the news without showing their face in front of the camera. This is what the voice over is all about! To a normal extent, a person in the profession of the radio jockey can even be taken as the voice over artist.



Salary of Voiceover Artist
Well as the entertainment industry has been advancing towards the development, the timeline profession of the voice over artist has been gaining a high attention and scope as well. but still there is a high need that is much needed when it comes to providing the best services and equipment’s to the voice over camera and technicians. At an ordinary level, for the beginners, the salary range of the voice over artist is around 1-2 thousand rupees. But for the professional artists who have a high experience in this profession, they do get the salary outlook of around 10,000PKR. The salary might get increased with the time of the experience and clients demand.



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Job Scope of Voiceover Artist in Pakistan
This profession of voice over artist is one such field which is limitless and has been so much vast in terms of its exposure. If you think that it is just limited to the radio stations and TV channels then you are completely wrong with this prospect. You can even make your way to the production houses, cinema centers, theater plays and so much more options. Even some of the brand companies can even hire you as their voice over artist for some product promotion. Your services can be hired for FM radio stations, cable networks, ad agencies, dubbing studios, youtube channels, audio books maker studios and cartoon making studios, animation movies making studios and call centers.




How to Become a Voiceover Artist?
If you want to be the part of voice over artist profession, then it is important for you to have the skills of good voice. You should be having a complete command on your speaking skills as well. If you are working as English voice over artist, then make sure your command over the English speaking is excellent enough and understandable for the other person who is listening to you. You should have good command over Urdu language too as now demand of Urdu speaking voiceover artists is also increasing in Pakistan. Voiceover artist has a natural God gifted talent. You can just polish your skills with breathing exercises and practice. Listening the senior voiceover professionals is also a useful technique for improving your talent.



What is Voice Over Recording Studio?
Majority of the organizers or the production houses will call you for the audition or for the office working in their studio which is set up with some machinery and different equipment of sound recording. But most of the companies will hire those artists who send them the recording in a recorded form so it can save their money and investment amount to make a separate recording studio for the voice over artist. But still with time there has been a huge improvement that is being notified in the career of voice over artist.


Tips & Tricks For Beginners

You should not rely just on a job, as through freelancing you may earn lot of extra money on daily basis. You should focus on improving your accent and dialect. Buy a good voice recording smart phone and use it for daily practice. Fiverr should be your first platform for freelancing, later on you may also get orders from Upwork and other freelancing platforms. For learning the freelancing you should get admission in free course of Digiskills on freelancing. You should also join LinkedIn. Last but least if you have good voice then do try to become a narrator or voice over artist. More tips has been given on this page in Urdu language for becoming a successful voiceover artist in Pakistan.


Career as Voiceover Artist in Pakistan, Scope, Pay, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)

Career as Voiceover Artist in Pakistan, Scope, Pay, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)