Learn To Earn Money With Shorthand Writing, Tips For Government Jobs 2024

Learn Shorthand Writing To Find Government Job in Pakistan, Earn Money Tips
If you have got the expertise in the area of shorthand writing speed, then we are sure that you will be able to find great and best of the government jobs in Pakistan. You have to learn both of the Urdu and English shorthand writing modes if you want to work for the government department. Most of the departments which work at the provincial and federal level, they demand candidates who are aware about the technicalities of shorthand writing. Your maximum speed has to be 40 words per minute.


Learn To Earn Money With Shorthand Writing, Tips For Government Jobs 2024


Learn To Earn Money With Shorthand Writing, Tips For Government Jobs 2019


Scope of Learning Shorthand Writing to Get Government Jobs in Pakistan

If you have passed the education up to matriculation level then you can get job as a junior clerk or you can work as an assistant. If you have passed the intermediate exam, then you can serve as a clerk. And you can become the personal assistant of some high court judge if you have the graduation degree. But for all of these jobs, you have to be qualified with shorthand writing.



How to Learn Shorthand Writing?

Learning this shorthand writing, it just means that you are given the task of learning Chinese language, In this shorthand writing area, you have to learn thousands number of characters. But it is just one time hard work and this is all! Once you will do the maximum practice, then it will become easy for you to work for the government departments at any high scale and level. It is in just four months that you can learn the technique.


If you do have a smart mind then you can learn this technique in only two months. It is a private secretary, clerk, then it is as a stenographer, personal assistant PA, official reporter that you can work if you are experienced while working on this specific technique. Mostly, you will be offered with BS-14 to BS-18 grade scale job posts. More you will become experience then you can even reach to the scale of BS-20.


Tips to Learn Shorthand Writing to Find Government Jobs

It is from any of the reputed institutions that you can learn the technique of doing shorthand writing way. You have to do maximum practice. If you will leave the practice session, then you will never become experienced in this area.


You should be able to type maximum number of pages on a daily basis. You have to become master in both of the simply typing and shorthand writing areas, No matter your first job is of junior scale, try to accept that job. In this way, you will practice on a daily basis.
You can go though and read a shorthand writing guide. In this way, you will get more of the general knowledge about this technique.


So start applying for the government jobs and make sure that you get the expertise in this shorthand writing area as well. More earn money tips on learning this shorthand writing technique will be shared with you.