Helpline Numbers Of All Pakistan Government Departments

Have you been in search for the helpline numbers of all Pakistan Government Departments? If so yes, then check out this piece of article as here we will be updating the readers with the complete information as about the helpline numbers of Pakistan Government departments for you. You can get all the helpline numbers of the Pakistan Government departments as in order to get away with some complains. Let’s scroll down and catch the numbers one by one!

Helpline Numbers Of All Pakistan Government Departments

Helpline Numbers Of All Pakistan Government Departments

Overseas Pakistani Commissioner Punjab Helpline number is 111 OPC OPC

Pakistan Hajj Helpline number is 111 725 425
Zimmedar Shehri number is 0800 – 02345
WASA number is 1334
Lahore High Court number is 1134
Citizen Facilitation Center number is 0800 09100
e-Stamping number is 0800 08100
Excise & Taxation number is 0800 08786
Punjab Health Line number is 0800 99000
Chinese SOS Helpline number is 1040
PDMA Helpline number is 1129
Prime Minister’s Youth Program number is 0800 77000
BISE Helpline number is 111 11 20 20
Punjab Metrobus Authority Helpline number is 111 222 MBS
Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE) number is 042-111-112020
Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CPWB) number is 1121
Livestock number is 0800-78686
Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) number is 1339
Metro Bus Service number is 042-111-222627
Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) number is 1129
Punjab Highway Patrol number is 1124
Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) number is 042-111-921192
Punjab Youth Help Line number is 0800-12145
Punjab Youth Internship Program number is 1124
Punjab Youth Festival number is 042-111-333727
Hajj Helpline (Pakistan) number is 111-725425
Hajj Helpline (Saudi Arabia) number is 0800-1166622
Zimmedar Shehri – Board of Revenue – Local Government and Community Development number is 0800-02345
Prime Minister Youth Business loan Program number is 0800-77000
Online College Admission System number is 042-35909209
Aiwan-e-Sadar, Islamabad number is 9206060-9
P.M. Secretariat, Islamabad number is 9206111
Parliament House, Islamabad number is 9201323, 9204031
Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Islamabad number is 9202750
Ministry of Commerce Pak. Secretariat Block “A”, Islamabad number is 9205708
Ministry of Communication Communication Division Islamabad number is 9205747
Ministry of Culture number is 9205993
Ministry of Sports, Youth Affair & Tourism number is 9205993
Ministry of Defence number is 5566203
Ministry of Education number is 9205835
Ministry of Economic Affairs number is 9209769
Ministry 0f Food & Agriculture Food & Agriculture Division number is 2828369
Ministry of Live Stock Live Stock Division number is 9204574
Ministry of Foreign Affairs number is 9207917
Ministry of Health number is 9201602
Ministry of Special Education & Social Welfare number is 9205110
Ministry of Urban Affairs number is 2224579
Ministry of Industries number is 211709, 9203408
Ministry of Interior number is 9201213
Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Affairs number is9201014
Ministry of law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs number is 9207354


So this was the complete list of helpline numbers of all Pakistan Government Departments! If you have any sort of complaints related with anyone of these departments, then without wasting any time get into department contacts with them right now!

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