Effective Methods Of Making Study Notes (Guide In Urdu)

Do you sometime find the issues in making the best study notes? Do you want to know about some of the excellent and effective methods of making study notes? Well making study notes is not a hard task at all as you do think it out to be! There are quite a few minor points that you really need to consider out in order to successful perform the making study notes task! It would not be wrong to say that making study notes is one such task which majority of the students make out by spending greater sum of their time.

Effective Methods Of Making Study Notes (Guide In Urdu)

Importance of Making Study Notes:

As a teen for sure your mind would be enclosed with millions of informative facts which you do want to jumble up in your course of examinations. And for sure they would not be able to retain this information until ad unless they would not be writing it down on some piece of paper. The method of writing something on a piece of paper hence consolidates it just over your memory in a way that you eventually start learning it which you probably cannot achieve from reading.

Important Steps for Effective Making Study Notes:

Tip No 1: Write Study Notes in Your Own Words:

It is important to write down the study notes in your own words. You would never be able to achieve the study notes learning until and unless you would not be transforming the material in your own words. Hence in simple you can verbalise it easily.

Tip No 2: Keep the Notes Organized:

Secondly, we would mention about the organizing manner of the notes. Study notes can work at the best only if they are written in an organised manner. You should make sure that your notes should be written under headings and subheadings. You can broke big or larger subjects into the smaller pieces. For example, if you are taking biology subject as difficult then you can divide the topics as under the headings mentioned as Micro-organisms, Cells and DNA, Inheritance, and so on. All in all we would say that organised study notes is really important for later on study.

Tip No 3: Keep Study Notes of All Subjects At One Place:

Thirdly, you should let your teen get the knowledge that they should be writing down the notes straight into the exercise book so as in order to save themselves from the issue of losing random bits of paper.They would be finding it a lot easy to perform the study task when their study material of all the subjects would be arranged at one place.

Tip No 4: Keep Notes in Both Full and Short Hand Sentences Material:

You should be keeping the notes as the mixture of both full as well as short hand sentences. Let them write the study notes in their own way so that it would be ensuring them to retain with the largest amount of information possible.

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