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First British History Online Quiz in Pakistan, MCQs

First History of England Online Test in Pakistan, General Knowledge GK MCQs
If you have interest in general knowledge or history of England then now you are at the right page as here you can view and take first ever British History online test in Pakistan.

United Kingdom was a great empire of 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It was ruling over 50 countries of current world in these centuries. Its parliament is called the mother of all parliaments. It was the empire on which the sun never set. Even today UK is the third atomic power and member of united nation security council. Its currency pound sterling is as powerful as Euro and dollar.

First British History Online Quiz in Pakistan, MCQs

First British History Online Quiz in Pakistan, MCQs

Still its monarch is the constitutional ruler 16 countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries are Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. History of England is very old and rich.

Today we shall publish British History online quiz on our website. We have tried to enter all important events about History of England in this online test. We are trying to cover all aspects of general knowledge on our website through online quizzes. Its a step forward in this regard. Now its the time for taking first British History online quiz in Pakistan.

Its the first ever British History Online Quiz in Pakistan. Total 30 MCQs are there in this History of England online test. Improve your general knowledge right now.

1. Great fire of London continued from 2 September 1666 to …………..?


2. Great Plague of London lasted from 1665 to ……………?


3. When did the first industrial revolution take place in UK?


4. What was the Blitz in World War Two WW2?


5. Crimean war (1853 to 1856) was fought against ……………?


6. Who was the first Asian British MP (House of Commons)?


7. Falklands War (1982) was fought between UK and ………….?


8. Who was the first Prime Minister of United Kingdom?


9. When did UK leave the European Union (Brexit)?


10. When Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by British-led allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington in Waterloo war?


11. When the great charter of the liberties  Magna Carta was signed by King John?


12. When was the first ever general election in the United Kingdom?


13. Who destroyed the tomb of Mehdi Sudani in 1898?


14. When did women over age of 30 get the right to vote in the UK?


15. Which British monarch has ruled the longest?


16. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom?


17. When Spanish Armada (Spanish fleet of 130 ships) was defeated by Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake?


18. Who succeeded Sir Winston Churchill in 1945?


19. Opium war was fought against which country?


20. When East India Company was granted charter?


21. Name the UK Prime Minister who won the WW2 against Germany?


22. Indian war of independence 1857 was fought in the reign of which British monarch?


23. When did the Irish gain independence?


24. Hundred Years’ war (1337 to 1453) was fought between England and ……………..?


25. What is the Operation Hurricane?


26. When did the British government take control of India from East India Company?


27. Who is considered the head of British Commonwealth (International organization of former British colonies?


28. What kind of constitution UK has?


29. Who defeated Desert Fox German General Rommel in Africa During WW2?



When Battle of Plassey was fought?

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