Download SSGC Duplicate Bill 2024-View Online or Print Copy

How to Get SSGC Duplicate Bill 2024?

If you have lost your SSGC bill or due to negligence of distributing staff you have not received it till now, then you may easily download it through our this page. SSGC tries its best to dispatch the bills well before the deadline but little bit delay is possible as bills distribution is still in the hands of local staff. You just need any past bill for viewing the details about your account for getting your SSGC duplicate bill. A link on the page will take you to your ultimate destination.


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SSGC Online Bill 2024

The Sui Southern Gas Company commonly abbreviated as SSGC was formerly known as the Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited. It replaced the former and was reshaped in 1954. The current organizational structure was given the contemporary shape not much far in the history. It happened in the month of March in 1989. It came into being after the merger of three early companies including Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited and Indus Gas Company Limited.


Download SSGC Duplicate Bill-View Online or Print Copy

Download SSGC Duplicate Bill 2024-View Online or Print Copy


The ultimate shape of the company was Sui Southern Gas Company. Today, Sui Southern Gas Company is the leading name in Pakistan as the integrated gas company. The gas supply is an essential energy source for the domestic world. The same is the case of the industrial units. The production ceases when there is disturbed gas supply. With the introduction of the thermal electricity it has become more important to have a steady and uniform gas supply. In such a scenario, it is the responsibility of the gas supply company to ensure the uninterrupted supply. The gas supply companies Pakistan are doing the job in two zones north and south. To ensure the transmission and proper distribution of gas to the Southern parts of the country Sui Southern is assigned with the task. This region includes the cities falling between Sui, Baluchistan and Karachi, Sindh.



SSGC Web Bill 2024

The company is not just working on the gas supply, but is improving the accessories also. They have set up a manufacturing unit to manufacture gas meters. The factory works in collaboration with Schlumberger Industries, France. The Company is also included in lists of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges.



Final Words

The SSGC works greatly with the customers. The sole aim is the customer satisfaction. The company makes it sure that all customers are getting the best. At the end of the month the customers are provided with the billing according to the usage. These bills are delivered from home to home, but as we are living in the world of technology it was essential to introduce something new for the billing services. Thus, the company introduced an online billing mechanism to get the SSGC duplicate bill. It is a free of cost service in which after clicking the mother page the customer logs in to find the SSGC duplicate bill. The customer uses the consumer number on the bill to access the link.


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