University of Bolton Islamabad UOBI Admission 2024

Pakistan’s 1st UK University University of Bolton Islamabad Announces Admission 2024 
If you dream of pursuing higher education with a global perspective, then the University of Bolton Islamabad is the perfect gateway to your aspirations. As Pakistan’s first HEC-recognized UK university, UOB Islamabad offers you a unique opportunity to receive a UK qualification right here in Pakistan. With admissions now open, it’s time to embark on a journey that will shape your future.


International Degree in Pakistan by UOB Islamabad

At UOB Islamabad, you have the flexibility to choose where to study – either in Manchester, UK or in the vibrant city of Islamabad. No matter your location, you will be receiving an education that is at par with the world’s leading universities. From most modern facilities to a comprehensive range of bachelor programs, UOB Islamabad provides an environment that nurtures your talents & prepares you for global success.


UOBI Programs List

With a wide array of educational programs to choose from, ranging from Business Management & Computing to Fashion and Law, UOB Islamabad caters to a diverse set of interests & career paths. Whether you are just starting your academic journey or seeking to enhance your professional skills, there is a program that will empower you to thrive in your chosen field.

Here are some of the programs offered for January 2024;

1- BSc in Business Management (Hons)
2- B.Sc Computing & Cyber Security (Hons)
3- BA in Accountancy (Hons)
4- BSc in Games Programming (Hons)
5- Bachelor of Arts in Fashion (Hons)
6- Master of Business Administration
7- B.Sc in Computing (Hons)
8- LLB (Hons)
9- Foundation programmes for various subjects
Eligibility Criteria
If you have passed A-Level or Intermediate exam like F.Sc then you may apply for admission 2024 in University of Bolton. Students who are still waiting for the final results are also eligiblle to apply within the last date.


Why UOB Islamabad? Key Features & Facilities


1. Campus Infrastructure

The campus boasts a contemporary & well-designed infrastructure that creates a conducive atmosphere for learning. The buildings are equipped with spacious classrooms, lecture halls, & seminar rooms for providing students with comfortable spaces to engage in academic activities. The campus is also wheelchair accessible 4 ensuring that all students can navigate the premises with ease.


2. Library & Resource Center

The University of Bolton Islamabad (UOBI) takes pride in its extensive library & resource center. Stocked with a vast collection of syllabus books, international journals & research materials, the library serves as a hub for students seeking knowledge and information. The resource center also offers access to online databases & e-books , enabling students to conduct comprehensive research for their assignments and projects.


3. Laboratories and Workshops

To facilitate practical learning, the UOBI university has well-equipped laboratories & workshops. These state of the art facilities provide students with hands on experience in various fields like business administration, computer science, law and fashion. With modern equipment & tools at their disposal, students can apply theoretical knowledge to real world scenarios for enhancing their understanding and skills.


4. IT Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of technology in today’s world, the University of Bolton Islamabad has invested in cutting-edge IT infrastructure. High-speed internet connectivity is available throughout the campus for ensuring that students can access online resources & collaborate with peers effortlessly. Computer labs are equipped with the latest software and hardware 4 enabling students to develop proficiency in various technological domains.


5. Sports and Recreation Facilities

The UOBI university understands the significance of a healthy mind & body. To promote physical well-being, it offers a range of sports & recreation facilities. Students can engage in various sports activities like cricket, football, basketball & table tennis . The campus also features a gymnasium equipped with modern fitness equipment for allowing students to maintain an active lifestyle


6. Student Accommodation

The University of Bolton Islamabad provides comfortable & secure accommodation options for students who require on-campus housing. The residential facilities are designed to create a home away from home for offering a conducive environment for studying and socializing. The rooms are well-furnished & equipped with essential amenities, ensuring that students have a comfortable living experience.


7. Cafeteria and Food Court

To cater to the diverse culinary preferences of students, the UOBI has a spacious cafeteria & food court. These dining facilities offer a wide range of delicious & nutritious meals, including local and international cuisines. Whether students are looking for a quick bite between classes or a leisurely meal with friends , the cafeteria & food court provide a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.


8. Student Support Services

The University of Bolton Islamabad is committed to the holistic development of its students. It offers a range of support services to ensure their well-being & success. These services include academic counseling , career guidance & personal counseling, providing students with the necessary support to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.



High Quality UK Education in Pakistan

With UOB Islamabad, you not only receive a high-quality UK education, but you also have the opportunity to transfer to the UK during your studies. This opens doors to global networking & international experiences that will enrich your learning journey.


Three Years Degree Programs in Pakistan by UOBI

Fast-track your future with UOB’s comprehensive three year degree programs, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed in today’s competitive global job market. By studying at UOBI, you can earn a globally recognized degree from the prestigious University of Bolton without leaving the your beloved country.



The campus at UOB Islamabad spans over 180 kanals & boasts latest facilities. From cutting-edge programs to modern learning spaces, you will have access to everything you need to excel in your studies. UOB Islamabad is committed to providing a conducive & inspiring environment for your intellectual growth.


University of Bolton-Guardian top 30 UK University

If you have always dreamed of studying at a top United Kingdom university, then UOB Islamabad is your answer. As a Guardian top 30 UK university, UOBI brings the benefits & experience of a UK education to Pakistan. You do not have to compromise on quality when it comes to your education – UOB Islamabad ensures you receive the best. Admission 2024

To apply for admission 2024, simply visit & start your journey towards a global future. Explore the website for more info & get in touch with the admissions team for any queries you may have. Your dream of a UK qualification is just a click away.


Final Words

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your global prospects with a foreign education, delivered locally. Join the University of Bolton Islamabad & unlock a world of possibilities. Start your journey today!


University of Bolton Islamabad UOBI Admission 2024


University of Bolton Islamabad UOBI Admission 2024