DHMS Date Sheet 2024 (Part 1 to 4) For NCH Annual & Supplementary Exams

NCH Islamabad Announces DHMS Date Sheet 2024 Part 1, 2, 3, 4
National Council for Homeopathy conducts the DHMS exams in all over the Pakistan. DHMS papers are conducted twice in a year i.e annual and supplementary. DHMS date sheet is announced about 4 to 5 weeks before the exams. From this page of arqumhouse.edu.pk you will be able to view and download the NCH Islamabad DHMS date sheet 2024 with a single click in few seconds. For entering in the exam center you need both enrollment card and roll no slip issued by NCH.


Having a date sheet is crucial for effective exam preparation as it allows students to plan their study schedules and allocate sufficient time to each subject. With a clear timeline in place, students can avoid last-minute cramming and ensure a balanced approach to their preparation.


Scope of DHMS Course, Subjects, Eligibility, Tips, Career & Admission


DHMS Date Sheet 2024 (Part 1 to 4) For NCH Annual & Supplementary Exams


DHMS exams consists of theory, viva and practical exams. Papers consist of both subjective and objective questions. Failed students can appear in supplementary exams which are conducted after about 4 weeks of announcement of DHMS result. Arqumhouse.edu.pk will also provide you the result of DHMS exam too. Read our following article for guidance about career scope of DHMS diploma course in Pakistan;


Scope of DHMS Course, Subjects, Eligibility Criteria, Tips, Career & Admission


National Council For Homeopathy-NCH

National Council For Homeopathy also regulates the homeopathic medical colleges of Pakistan. It also prepare the curriculum for DHMS and BHMS programs. Head office of NCH is situated at Fazal Town Phase I, Airport Link Road, Rawalpindi. For contacting the NCH authorities you may call at 051-5409045, 051-5409003 or send query at info@nchpakistan.gov.pk. nchpakistan.gov.pk is the URL of official portal of homeopathic council Pakistan.


NCH DHMS Date Sheet 2024 Part 1, 2, 3, 4

We assure you that our platform will provide you timely and accurate DHMS date sheet 2024. This DHMS date sheet 2024 will be uploaded on this page in image format. It will be downloadable. You may also access it too through the link given below. Being a homeopathic dr i can advise you to prepare the past papers of last 10 years first for 100% success in the exams. We wish you success in the field of homeopathic medical science.


Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

To help you make the most of the DHMS date sheet and prepare effectively for your exams, here are some valuable tips:

1. Create a Study Plan:

Divide your study time according to the subjects & allocate specific time slots for each topic. This will help you cover the entire syllabus systematically & avoid any last-minute rush.


2. Take Regular Breaks:

While studying for long hours can be tempting, it is important to take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Short breaks every 45-60 minutes can help improve focus & prevent burnout .


3. Revise Regularly:

Don’t leave revision for the last few days. Make it a habit to revise each topic immediately after studying it to reinforce your understanding & retention.


4. Practice Sample Papers:

Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern & improve your time management skills.


5. Seek Help When Needed:

If you come across any challenging topics or concepts, don’t hesitate to seek help from your teachers or classmates. Discussing & clarifying doubts will enhance your understanding and boost your confidence.




In this blog post, we have provided you with a detailed DHMS date sheet for the year 2024, along with valuable tips for effective exam preparation. Remember that having a clear plan & schedule is crucial for successful exam performance. Utilize the provided date sheet 2024 to organize your study routine and follow the tips shared to enhance your preparation. We wish you all the best for your DHMS exams & hope that this blog post has been helpful to you!


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