Bahria University Medical College DPT & BS MLT Admission 2024

Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi DPT & BS MLT Admission 2024
To be in the DPT program or to be in the BS MLT program, you can choose this Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi as well. They have opened the admission window these days. Rs 2000 is the processing fees and you can pay it at the Alfalah bank branch or at the Allied bank branch. To apply in these programs, do visit the portal of this Bahria University Medical College and apply easily and quickly. admission 2024 will start from 0th Oct, 2023. 0 Jan, 2024 is the last date to apply. To be in this medical college, you have to follow this time line.



Note that this is the official deadline and after this date, no admission form from any of the candidate will be accepted. It is on 0th January, 2024 that your entry test will take place. At the BU Karachi campus, your test will take place. Then in Lahore and Islamabad, your test will take place on the same date.



Details of Bahria University Medical and Dental College Karachi DPT Admission 2024
This DPT program which is offered by Bahria University Medical College, it is of duration five years and this will be its third batch. Note that WHO World health organization, they have now identified and marked this physical therapy field line as in the form of independent practices. This is a dynamic profession line. So get admission in it, you can check the website of this college and apply over here, also check the eligibility details about this degree program from their official site. You will become a competent person and a professional after completing this 5 year span of DPT program.



Information on Bahria University Medical College & Dental College BS MLT Admission 2024
This bachelor of science in medical ad laboratory technology program, it is of span four years. You can go through the site of this college and get the details that who can apply in this program. This college always offer an updated and latest medical curriculum to their students. Even they offer merit scholarships, you can apply in this capacity too. Classes of DPT and BS MLT will start from 0th Feb, 2024.


This is all information on this Bahria University Medical College admission phase. Good luck from our side. All official schedule is mentioned to you. All dates have to be marked by you on your calendar because they are of keen importance. You can visit this college main campus if you have any confusion or question.



Note that if this medical college will announce any changes in their admission schedule time line and dates, we will inform you. Prepare at your end first of all and pass the entry test which is sooner to be taking place. You can share your status as well that in which program you have applied and you can inform about this news as well that whether you get chosen by this Bahria university admission committee or not!


Bahria University Medical College DPT & BS MLT Admission 2024

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