All About Data Science in Urdu & English

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If you want to enter in the ocean of online data world, then here is the path for you in the form of data science. The details regarding all about data science in urdu & English is shared on this post. We know that these days we are coming across with lots of numbers and figures in the form of data, we receive multiple number of emails, then we have to go through the date which are in files and documents. All in all, an individual is almost stuck in the data world. On a per second basis, we see 8026 tweets on Twitter. Even on Instagram, we see 843 photo posts on a per second basis as well. On Skype, 3122 calls are made and done 56443 GB of internet is used on every single second. 66791 Google searches 73698 Youtube videos are viewed after every single second. This is the speed of data which we are facing so far!

Date Storage Centres Capacity
Researches are done by the scientists that how much data can be stored by these data storage centres. It is estimated that till 2018, these data storage centres can store data up to 1450 HB and this storage capacity will be extended by the time of 2020 and it will reach to 44800 HB. Another scientist has stated this fact that if we are going to store and save this data in the form of books then this books capacity and reach will become equal to the area of America or China. The information is stored in the computer in the form of kilobytes, then in the form of megabytes and then in the form of gigabytes. Now we are also seeing the usage of tetrabytes, pentabytes and hexabytes. One hexabyte is considered equal to one billion gigabytes, it is true! Experts have said that if this same amount and quantity of information will be stored in the CDs form then these CDs capacity might reach to moon.

Google, Facebook, Amazon Store The Data of Their Users
Not only Facebook but also Google, Amazon and too Twitter, they save and store the data of their users. There is a need to understand the science of this data. This data science has itself become a separate subject.

Datally App by Google
Google has introduced this Datally app. By the use of this app, you can understand the data of your smart phone and you can control the data of your smart phones too. This app is available on all Google playstores. This app has made lives straightforward and now users can easily understand the correct purpose of using and balancing their data.

Many users face the problem that why often their data get run off from its capacity, by using such apps, you can easily balance your data capacity. This is why understanding of data science is important for all people. Here below we have given a detailed article on data science in Urdu language.

All About Data Science in Urdu & English

All About Data Science in Urdu & English

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