General Knowledge About Internet of Things in Urdu & English

General Knowledge (GK) About Internet of Things (IOT) in Urdu & English Languages 
Have you heard of Internet of Things or IOT? Here are its details. Complete info on general knowledge about Internet of Things in Urdu and English are shared. Now a big revolution will take place in the world of science and technology. If you think that we are talking about the science fiction film, then you are wrong. In the future times, suppose you have finished a cup of coffee and then a message will be shown on your coffee cup that do you need more coffee or not?

Suppose your plant need more water, then a message will come on your mobile phone that water us more, yes all of this will happen in a near time and this is what we call Internet of Things. According to this technology, Internet will be fixed in all of the non living things. And then these non living things will make you to feel their presence.

Internet of Things (IOT) Introduction
There is a house in the America city and in that house, lots of robotic machines are working in collaboration with the house members. These machine equipments work by attaching themselves with the computer network systems. It is through networking that these little robotic machines are in continuous communication with each other. In this house, there are many coffee cups which talk to the alarm clocks, it is true! This house has that kind of thermostat which give directions and instructions to the motion sensors. By looking at this whole picture, we can say that a gigantic revolution is about to take place. It is through radio waves and smart phones technology as well as the use of wi fi that this revolution has come out a success.

Revolution Made by Internet of Things (IOT)
It is for the first time that extreme close connection between a machine and a human being is seen for the first time. Now in most of the USA medical centres, these devices are installed and they automatically inform the medical centre staff that this bed is empty now. Experts are saying that this Internet of Things will get 100% popularity in the western regions. Sooner these little devices will make human lives more trouble free.

In San Francisco, there lives an IT technician. In his house, you will not find such sort of technology, but there is a special thing installed is his plants pots and it is these sensors. These sensors keep an eye that whether a plant needs water or not. The minute any one gets enter into the room of this IT technician, his room lights and fans and A.C, it gets turned on all automatically.

This Internet of Things (IOT) is bringing revolution in the medical world technology too. Now such sort of sensors are inserted in the patients so that a minute by minute report of their health is communicated to their doctors.

General Knowledge About Internet of Things in Urdu & English

General Knowledge About Internet of Things in Urdu & English

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