SAT Test Vs Act Test-Career Counseling in Urdu & English

Comparison Between SAT Test and Act Test-Career Counseling Article in Urdu & English Languages
The career counseling about this Act test & SAT test is put up over here. These two tests are online tests. For pursuing foreign education, these tests are the major requirement from the foreign universities side. The ACT test, it mainly stands for this American College Testing test. Then we have this SAT test, it stands for term of Scholastic Aptitude Test. Its other name is Scholastic Assessment Test. There are many academies which offer preparatory classes for Act test & SAT test. No matter you choose any of foreign degree program, appearing in any of these tests is important. If students are looking for the complete basic information about Act test & SAT test then check below details:

Basic Introduction Regarding American College Testing ACT Test
This American College Testing test is of duration 3 hours. Though this ACT test evaluate your intellectual concepts your time management skill will be marked. Many questions are incorporated in this exam and the time limit to complete these questions is 3 hours.

The first portion of this exam belongs to English subject. There are 45 minutes fixed for this exam and total number of questions coming in ACT test English section, they are 75.

Then the second section of ACT test, it belongs to maths subject. Total 60 questions are included in this portion and you will get exact 60 minutes.

Then there is a study related section in this exam and you will come across with a quantity of 40 questions in this section. The student will get 35 minutes to complete this specific section of ACT test.

The last portion of this exam is of science subject and total 40 questions will be asked from you. The time to solve and read these questions is 35 minutes.

So this American College Testing test has the whole duration of 3 hours. You can well see at the number of questions and sections which will come in ACT test.

All About Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT
This Scholastic Aptitude Test is divided into two phases. We have SAT-I exam and SAT-II exam. The general exam category belongs to the Sat-I exam. On the other hand, the subject exam category belongs to SAT-II exam.

Mainly in Sat-II exam, questions come from physics, chemistry and mathematics level I subjects as well as from mathematics level II subjects.
Most of the Pakistani universities, they accept SAT-I exam and SAT-II exam scores. As if one is applying in LUMS undergraduate programs, then he can put his SAT test score and right away he will get the exemption from LCAT exam.

You can appear in SAT-I exam and SAT-II tests during months of October or November or in December month or in the months of January or in May and June.

This Scholastic Aptitude Test score can be utilized for five years.

This is the detailed and 100% complete career counseling guide about Act test & SAT test. More guide will come if changes in these online tests will be made.

SAT Test Vs Act Test-Career Counseling in Urdu & English

SAT Test Vs Act Test-Career Counseling in Urdu & English

SAT Test Vs Act Test-Career Counseling in Urdu & English