International Current Affairs 2022 Online Test, MCQs

Current Affairs Online Quiz 2022, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) For on Net Preparation of All Recruitment Tests
We are living in a rapidly changing world. Students who want to remain updated with the current affairs must read newspapers daily. Read the analysis of experts too, so that you may be able to understand the background of each and every political event of the world. We shall also help you in this regard by publishing reviews and analysis reports on important global events. Its not an easy task to develop a unique current affairs online test. Our research and development team is striving hard to develop such online tests and quizzes to guide the students who are seeking job through CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS or Combined Competitive exams.


Current Affairs Online Test, MCQs

International Current Affairs 2022 Online Test, MCQs

Soon we are going to start forum on our website for answering your questions about General Knowledge, Everyday Science, Information Technology, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Studies. Till then you should visit all our test and quiz pages. Current affairs information becomes out dated very soon. You need to continue to stay in touch with the current happenings around the globe. We are here for the same purpose.


You will soon get access to more current affairs online tests and MCQs. Hopefully after taking the test, you will feel the difference between and other online testing websites. At present we are not including hard MCQs in our initial quizzes, current level of our MCQs is moderate. Meanwhile you should read our knowledge base articles too for improving your general knowledge about current affairs. Our facebook page is also very informative and interesting, so don’t forget to visit and like it. Now its the show time, take the Current Affairs online test and evaluate the level of your preparation. Wish you a prosperous future.

Evaluate the standard of your preparation of current affairs paper of CSS. This current affairs online test is also helpful for students of all levels and job seekers.

1. Buddhists of which country are involved Muslim genocide and persecution?


2. India is going to buy _____ Rafale fighter jets from France.


3. IMA stands for ……………..?


4. Who has become new Prime Minister of UK?


5. Which country was boycotted by Arab countries due to its anti Gulf policies?


6. Which Country Has Won the Cricket World Cup 2019?


7. Who is responsible for responsible for Syrian civil war?


8. Who is The Current CM of KPK?


9. New silk road plan is a project of which country?


10. _________ has become a nuclear flash point in 21st century.


11. Which country won the case in international tribunal Hague on South China Sea dispute?


12. Who if The Current Foreign Minister of Pakistan?


13. Nagorno-Karabakh is the bone of contention between Armenia and _____________?


14. Irani General Qasem Soleimani was killed by a drone attack of USA in ________?


15. Brexit is the famous term for the withdrawal of ………………from the EU?


16. Prince Harry and his wife Princess _________ have decided to leave royal titles.


17. Identify the President of Turkey?


18. Kim Jong-un is challenging USA for nuclear war, he is _________ of North Korea?


19. Name the bank founded by brics countries?


20. Name the current chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)?


21. People of Catalonia want freedom from which country?


22. What is Kurdistan?


23. Who is responsible for Rohingya crisis and Muslim genocide?


24. Pakistan is trying to come out of FATF ________ list.


25. Which Saudi Prince is fighting the war of throne?


26. How many billion dollars China is going to invest in Pakistan under CPEC?


27. ———————- is the Vice President of USA.


28. Name the opposition alliance in Pakistan.


29. Satan Missile series is the project of which nuclear power?


30. Which political party was launched by Hafiz Saeed?


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