Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023, Get Interest Free Loans, Download Form

BOP & KPK Govt’s Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 For Youth of FATA, Get Interest Free Loans, Download Application Form


If any one of you wants to get interest free loans, then here is this Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 all introduced and launched for you. Download the form and apply for this scheme without wasting any time. The first phase of this scheme is already starts. And note that this scheme will sooner be launched and getting started in the newly merged districts which includes Waziristan (North & South), Bajuar and also FR Tank, FR Bannu as well as FR Laki Marwat and FR DI Khan.



Why This Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 is Designed?
As this scheme is no doubt one of the great schemes. We have seen in Fata and other closely related regions of it that there is lot of poverty and unemployment.


So, to solve these big issues and to take out those people from poverty stricken condition, this great program is made for them to get interest free loans.



Who is The Target Audience of FATA Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023?
If you are one of the individuals who is linked to the sector of transport related services, or you work in the puncture shops or you an employee in the mobile repairing shop then right now download form and apply in this great scheme.


On the other hand, those people who are one of the small scale artisans, if you are linked to the allied services departments like in terms of promoting tourism then this scheme is genuinely made for you.



Which Are The Eligibility Conditions for KPK Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023?
Age limit to apply for this program, it is 18 to 30 years. If you are a permanent resident of province of KPK newly merged districts then you can submit your form.


You have to be a potential beneficiary and should be possessed with a do-able business idea which is relevant and linked to your skills.



Which Are The Ineligibility Conditions for BOP Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023?
Before you download your form, make sure you read the ineligibility conditions as well. This program is not made for the regular students.

Moreover, this program is not designed for the people who are not from government bodies, semi government bodies or from autonomous bodies.



How Much Loan You Will Get from Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023?
Rs 1.0 M is the loan amount for professional and educated set of people.
Rs. 0.500 m is loan amount for semi formal and semi informal skilled labor.
Rs. 1.00 M loan amount for skilled women.
Rs. 0.300 M for informal skilled women.
Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 300,000/- loan amount for other categories.



Which Documents to Attach With Your Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 Form?
CNIC copy of applicant, CNIC copy of guarantor, passport size photographs of applicant, passport size pictures of guarantors.
Attested degrees and attested certifications. Most importantly, attach government guarantor salary slip and it is compulsory for you to attach the letter of comfort.



Which Documents Are Needed for Post Approval Stage of Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023?
Copy of the agreement of finance.
Demand Promissory Note copy of yours.
Personal Guarantee document copy of yours.
For more updates on this Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 for interest free loans, just always and keep connected, tuned and in touch with us.


Download Application Form of Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023 For Interest Free Loans


Insaf Rozgar Scheme 2023, Get Interest Free Loans, Download Form

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