Top Ten FAQ About ISSB Test For Pak Army

For some of the people passing through the ISSB Test for Pak Army is one of the complicated stages. This is for the main reason that many of the applicants who wants to apply they are looking for the top ten FAQ about ISSB test for Pak Army. If you want to successfully get prepare for the ISSB Par Army test, then it is very much important that you should know a complete inside review about test pattern, types of questions to be asked and what sort of selection criteria is followed up as you move into the Pakistan Army department. Right through this post, we will be heading towards the explanation of the important and yet top ten FAQ about ISSB test for Pak Army.

Top Ten FAQ About ISSB Test For Pak Army

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List of Top Ten FAQ About ISSB Test For Pak Army:

Question Number 1: Is there any specific number of applicants that are selected through the process of single group of ISSB?

ISSB test has never put any sort of limitations in the selection criteria of the Pak Army test procedure. There are no sort of the strict figures that are put together in the selection criteria list placement. If in case all the applicants are matching according to the eligibility criteria and scorecard then all of the applicants will get into the selection list.

Question Number 2: Is There an Procedure about the applicant sickness during ISSB Schedule?

If during the course of the ISSB schedule, the applicant gets sick or fall ill, then he or she will be taken to the clinical services right at that moment. If in case any of the applicant will be getting into some sort of chronic or the acute illness or the injury, then they would be taken to be the place of the Combined Military Hospital. On the other side, if the candidate will miss his whole test just because of the injury then he or she will be counted as “Withdrawn”. Moreover, if any of the candidate will be missing their GTO’s evaluation or even their section of interview then they will be named as “Not Totally Boarded”.

Question Number 3: Does previous training out any effect on the Applicant?

ISSB will not be putting those applicants into the encouraging mode, if they have already taken any sort of training or the coaching before their ISSB training. This is mainly for the reason that this previous training can bring out the interruption impressions in the spontaneity and active nature of a candidate.

Question Number 4: What is the difference between assessment procedures to be the part of services of ISSB?

There is no difference between the assessment procedures to get hired in different services of ISSB. All of them are identical. All departments of ISSB requires written test, medical test, interview and psychological test.

Question Number 5: Is it possible to appear for two ISSB departments at one time?

It is not possible to apply for two ISSB department test at one course of time. If still you want to apply, then you should take the gap of 120 days

Question Number 6: Any Concessions for Female candidates?

For the sake of the female applicants there are two types of the measurement tests such as psychologist assessment and GTO Tasks.

Question Number 7: Is Selection Recommendation Means Final for ISSB?

Recommendation and selection does not mean getting final for the ISSB test. The final shortlisted selected candidates list will be made by the side of the concerned services.

Question Number 8: What is Duration of Validity of ISSB Recommendation?

If in any condition it do happen that if any applicant has been recommended by the ISSB and his name does not come on final merit list then they have to once again make an appearance in the next ISSB test.

Question Number 9: Are their any chances to get the test date delay if the applicant fails to appear on test day?

It is important that in case you are not able to make an appearance in the test date then you should inform about your schedule to concerned department of ISSB beforehand. You should also submit the copy of your exam schedule.

Question Number 10: What applicant if applicant pass the ISSB test but do not get the call letter?

If the applicant has their name appear on the website of the ISSB test but they are not able to get the call letter, then they should concern the team of ISSB, as soon as possible.

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