Comparison Between A-Level & Inter (FA, FSc, I.Com & ICS) in Pakistan

Career Counseling Guide-A-Level Vs Intermediate in Pakistan
There is a clear difference if one is studying and going for A-level mode and the other student is opting for inter level education. It is after completing your matric level education that you get admission in the inter class. At the same time, if you have passed your O-level exam, only then you can pursue your A-level studies. Below we have highlighted some of the important differences between these two education modes, so let us check out the details:


Comparison Between A-Level & Inter (FA, FSc, I.Com & ICS) in Pakistan

A-Level Vs Inter Comparison
If you are doing inter level studies, then you will get the certificate and degree from the local exam board. Suppose your college is registered at BISE Lahore board, then you will get your passed out degree from this board. If you are doing your A-level studies, then the certification and degree of yours will be given to you by Cambridge international examination committee.

These A-level students, they easily get admission in any of the foreign universities. They do not have to pass English proficiency tests. But these local board students have to pass tests like TOEFL. IELTS if they want to be in foreign universities.

If these international board students wants to get admission in the Pakistan university, then they have to get the equivalence certificate from IBCC.

Which One is Better? A-Level Or Inter
If you want to work abroad or you want to study abroad then it is important for you to go for this Cambridge study mode.

This A-level education possesses an international recognition. It is considered far better as compared to local level education. If you want to see creativity in your academics then going for O-level and these A-levels education is recommended to you.

The syllabus of this international scale education is revised on a regular basis. On the other hand, the syllabus of inter and matric classes gets hardly revised.

More Facts on A-Level Vs Inter Comparison
You can appear for two times in a year when it comes to Cambridge level exams. But in this local education, if you are fail in more than two subjects, then you have to wait for whole year to appear in the same exams next time.

This international level education offers more diverse number of subject options. In inter education category, students are given limited choices.

The conceptual power of intermediate students is quite weak. And these A-level students, they are strong in terms of conceptual power.

The fees of matric and inter studies, they are cheaper. In this education system which works at the local level, its fees structure is less and minimum. But this international system of education, it fees and dues are quite high.

You can let us know too that whether you are the pat of this international education mode or you belong to the local examination body, you can share your experiences with us. More facts on these education types will be share so keep in touch with us.

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