What is the Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan? Urdu Guide

Career & Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan-Urdu Career Counseling Gide
Check out the details of the scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan Urdu guide. If you want your child to get a qualified education from the international university, then it is must for him that he should have prior received O-Level and A-Level education. This is an international study mode and it is also taught in Pakistan. First a student has to complete his O-level studies and then he promote to A-level studies. This education system was introduced by the UK British education authority and do you know that the Sindh government of Pakistan has also introduced this O-Level and A-Level studies mode in their schools.

Now total 50 schools will be set up in the province of Sindh and they will be linked to O-level education studies mode and these schools will operate under the custody of Aga Khan board, Cambridge board as well as Oxford board. In Pakistan, we usually take the studies of O-level all equivalent to this matriculation studies. On the other hand, we take this A-level education equivalent to intermediate studies.

Cycle of O-Level & A Level Studies
In your O-level studies, you have to study 8 subjects, then in your A-level studies, you should be specialized in at least 3 subjects. The course which is usually taught during O-Level and A-Level studies, it is designed according to the studies and pattern taught in Cambridge University London. Exams of these studies are taken by the British Council. If any parent want his child to do these O-Level and A-Level studies then it is important for them to admit their child in the school which possess a strong base and foundation in giving and delivering these O-Level and A-Level. This education is far more expensive as compared to matric and inter studies.

Benefits of Doing O-Level & A Level
There are so many benefits if you are preferring the option of doing and studying O-Level & A Level. First of all, these mode of studies will make it 100% easier for you to pass your SAT test. We know that it gets tough to pass these entrance and competitive tests like we have GMAT, SAT, but students who have done their O-Level & A Level studies, such tests are a piece of cake for them.

Students who have been linked to O-Level & A Level studies, they get a job in UK premises easily. As this degree us attached to British council and UK side, that is why they prefer those students who have done their SSC and HSC studies in the form of O-Level & A Level.

This O-Level & A Level studies work on the great pattern. Their scheme of studies do not follow a simple and same pattern. In fact, you will see that syllabus of O-Level & A Level studies gets changed right after every 2 years frame.

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What is the Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan? Urdu Guide

What is the Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan? Urdu Guide