Top 10 Headache Treatment & Management Tips (Urdu-English)

Top Ten Headache Relief Tips & Tricks
It is quite one of the painful experiences when we get headache. So how you can you come out from this problem, we will tell you. This headache is one of the common problems. There are many natural ways to cure this problem. Here we have details of curing headache for you:



Taking Head Massage
You should give a regular massage to your head. You can apply any good quality oil in your hairs and give them a massage. This will give a proper blood circulation to your head.



Avoid Taking Tension
You should not take tension at all. If you will take stress, then your brain nerves will remain in pain. So remain happy, keep smile on your face and never bring this headache issue in your life.



Top 10 Headache Treatment & Management Tips (Urdu-English)


Top 10 Headache Treatment & Management Tips (Urdu-English)

Using Acupressure Techniques
You can use these acupressure techniques to relieve this problem of yours. You can go for hand reflexology point technique and solve this head pain instantly.

Keeping Your Blood Pressure Maintained
If you will be able to keep your blood pressure maintained, then headache will not come near to you. When your BO fluctuates, then your brain nerves start giving you a head pain. So keep your BP all maintained, Check it up on a regular basis and never let it to get increased.


Top 10 Headache Treatment & Management Tips (Urdu-English)


Avoid Using Computer And Mobile for Long Time
Those people who use mobile and computers for a long time and hours and hours, then get strain on their eyes and head. Not only their eyesight become weak, but also they get head pain most of the time. So avoid using mobile for hours and hours.





Do Yoga Exercises
You can do some effective yoga exercises to cure your head pain problem. Like you can do big toe pose, bridge and corpse pose, dolphin and extended puppy pose, fire log pose, revolved head to knee and reclining hero pose.

Have Healthy Diet
You should have healthy diet in your life. This is very important for you. Have fresh juices, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Do not eat junk food, avoid oily food and try to have balanced diet.



Master The Art of Creative Visualization
If you will master the art of creative visualization, then you will stay away from this possible for a long time. Learn the technique of self hypnotism and never get a head pain.



Sleep for 8 Hours
Lastly, you should sleep for 8 hours. Proper sleep will keep your head all calm. Those people who sleep for at least 8 hours, they never get involved in this issue. So it is better for you that you should not become a sleep deficient person and sleep for total 8 hours.

Do recommend all of these remedies to your friend and family mates who often get headache. You can keep connected with us and we will keep you updated more about the remedies of solving this head pain problem. What other remedies you follow, let us know and share those here on this page.