China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

If you want to move into China for the purpose of study then it is important that you should firstly be holding the student study visa in your hands. Visa for China is basically given to the students who do have the desire to enter into China for the purpose of education. The time span of this visa will be depending on the basis of the time duration of the degree which you are studying.

China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students
Main Types of China Study Visa For Students:

Student visa for China is basically categorized into two main types such as X1 and X2. X1 is the visa that is issued to the individuals as in favor of the study in China or even for the advanced level of studies that is for the duration of 6 months. On other side, X2 is issued to the individuals who do make their visit into China for some the time duration that less than 6 months. It is important that before you set off to apply for the visa you should know the fact and information that about which type of the visa you are applying and what are its basic requirements.

Main Documents Required For China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

Below we would be highlighting down with the main list of the documents that are necessary required in order to apply for the China student study visa:
You should be providing with the original passport that should have the validity of more than 6 months and should have minimum 2 blank visa pages, and photocopies of the first 2 pages.
Plus, you should also be having the complete Visa Application Form (Form V2011A) in the languages of either Chinese or English. It should be attached with one of the applicant’s recent color photograph that should be 30mm X 40mm.
If you are visiting China for the very first time then you should also be providing with the local police character/clearance certificate.
In addition you should also be providing with the admission letter from the place of university in which you have apply.
Plus, you should also provide the Mark sheet/diploma as in the forms of both original and photocopy.

How To Apply For China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students?

At the time of applying for the visa you would be passing through the specific stages. As you are all done by collecting the documents that are needed for the visa, you would be sending them all to the university center all along with the application form mentioning the course you want to apply in. As you would get the approval letter from the university you would be applying for the visa. You would be submitting the visa application to the Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate -General. You do not have to take any kind of appointment in this regard. You are not allowed to apply through mail system as it will not be accepted.

Information About Visa Fee and Processing Time In China Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

There is a certain time period in which you would be getting the approval of the application visa acceptance. On the normal basis it do require the time period finishing of the 4 days. If you are applying on urgent basis then it would take the time of 2-3 days to get finish up with extra fee charges. If you want the visa on the same day on which you are applying then you would be getting it with the additional fee of $30 for 1 working day processing. Charges are different in various categories of the China student visa. You would be paying with the different charges as $50 and $30 for citizens of other countries. Pakistanis are not required to pay any Chinese visa fees.


So if you have any plans to be the part of the China educational sector then without any delay in your mind you should apply for the visa right now! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

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