Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi, Website & Contact No

Best Homeo Dr in Karachi-H.Dr MA

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan by population. It was the first capital of Pakistan too but now it is the capital of Sindh province. Homeopathy is very popular in this city. There are many homeopathic medical colleges too in Karachi, but majority of residents of Karachi rely on online consultation from which is the pioneer of online homeopathy consultation in Pakistan. This site is run by by best homeopathic doctor in Karachi, but now he has shifted to Lahore so people of Karachi can contact him online even now for their best treatment of all complex and chronic diseases. Now world has become a global village and majority of patients are preferring to contact their consultants, so your online consultant is still available for people of Karachi.


Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi

Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi, Website & Contact No

Online consultation facility is also available, otherwise you may contact H.Dr MA Karim via call or WhatsApp for getting expert advice. You are given 2 options i.e just pay 1000 rupees online consultation fee and buy the prescribed homeopathic medicine from the local homeopathic medical store or ask the Dr MA Karim to send the medicine to you in Karachi like his shadi course is provided in 6000 rupees plus 500 courier charges.



Introduction to is the pioneer of online clinics in Pakistan. Its also the first online homeo portal in Pakistan. Site was first launched in 1998 on Geocities then later it was shifted on but now the same site has bought its own domain i.e Its a wordpress based website. has become the most popular homeopathic website in Pakistan. Its an initiative of best homeopathic doctor in Karachi who has now shifted in Lahore but patients from Karachi can still get consult him online. Its too a fact that has also got popularity among Pakistanis living abroad specially in Middle east countries of Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Bahrain.



Homeopathy in Pakistan

Homeopathy has become the most popular alternative method of treatment in Pakistan. Some homeo doctors have also launched online consultation service and is the pioneer in this field. Now only FSc pre medical passed students can get admission in DHMS diploma. Homeopathic degree program has also been launched in Pakistan i.e BHMS. Its a five year degree program after F.Sc pre medical.



Book Your Appointment Today

Here in immediate appointments may not always be possible due to previous bookings so it is highly recommended to contact the clinic online at your earliest convenience to schedule your visit. You can reach out to via phone at 0312-4662785 or through their online portal


Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi


Important Point takes pride in prioritizing your health & wellness. By offering informative health articles in both Urdu & English on their website, they aim to empower individuals with knowledge about homeopathic care and overall well-being. This best homeopathic doctor in Karachi believes that your health is their first priority.



Pure German & French Single Homeopathic Remedies

The clinic’s treatment approach emphasizes the use of pure German, French and Swiss single homeopathic remedies, adhering to the principles of classical homoeopathy. This commitment to quality & authenticity sets apart as the best homeopathic clinic in Karachi and Lahore.


Empowering Through Education & Community Outreach

Beyond individual care, is committed to empowering the community by offering free training classes for homeopathic students and organizing 100% free medical camps for orphans & deserving patients on the first Friday of every month. This reflects the clinic’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond its consulting rooms. Same clinic has also launched a special paid course for homeo doctors who also want to launch their online homeopathic clinics just like Its a comprehensive course with lectures on creative medical writing, SEO and WP web development.



Quality Care and Expert Team

The clinic boasts a team of qualified homoeopathic physicians who are committed to your well-being and H. Dr MA Karim is the team leader. With a physical clinic located in Lahore near Goal Bagh Shad Bagh, the facility also offers the convenience of a lady homoeopathic doctor for female patients for ensuring a comfortable & inclusive environment for all.



Online Video Consultation Facility

This best homeopathic clinic of Pakistan also offers video consultations for making it convenient for individuals from all over Pakistan to access and from other countries high-quality homeopathic care. Whether you are seeking homeo treatment for stones in kidney & gall balder, pneumonia, allergies, tonsils, chlamydia, tuberculosis, Blood diseases, bronchitis, goiter, dementia, premature ejaculation, COPD, PCOS, cold & flu, uterine fibroids, headaches, erectile dysfunction, mononucleosis, acne, stomach aches, obesity, Covid 19, all infections, strokes, all hepatitis, alzheimer’s disease, piles, tumors, angina, high & low BP, ulcers, sexual weakness or any other general or chronic diseases, is dedicated to providing holistic & personalized treatment options. Remember that you will have to pay 1000 rupees in advance for online or  video consultation. Online consultation facility is also available with lady homeopathic doctors on the same no i.e 0312-4662785.



Who is Dr MA Karim?

At, you will have the privilege of consulting with the renowned homeopathic specialist namely Dr. MA Karim BA, MSc , DHMS, LLB, RHMP. With a specialization in chronic diseases & sexual health, Dr. Karim brings a wealth of experience and expertise to address a wide range of health conditions. He is one and only homeopathic researcher in Pakistan who has invented many homeopathic medicines through clinical experimentation, He is running the website too which is the first online homeo website in Pakistan. He has researched on many local herbs for treatment of chronic and men health related diseases. He is also the first ever plants and vet homeo doctor in the world. He has also written more than 800 research based and homeopathic related articles on and other famous websites of Pakistan. He studied in Government Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore, Government College Lahore, Ashraf homeo College Lahore and Punjab University Lahore. He was married in Karachi but after divorce her shifted to Lahore. His expertise is in chronic and men health related diseases like tumors, TB, Asthama, Premature Ejaculation, Obesity, Erectile Dysfunction etc.


Best Homeopathic Doctor inKarachi
Name of Homeo DoctorH Dr MA Karim
Online Consultation FeeRs. 1000
Specialist inComplex & Men Health Diseases
FB Page
Price of Shadi CourseRs 6000
Price with TCS ChargeRs. 6500


Final Remarks About Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi

In short if you are seeking a trusted & experienced homoeopathic doctor in Pakistan then stands out as a beacon of excellence in holistic healthcare. Best homeopathic doctor in Karachi is famous for personalized care, community outreach & the highest standards of treatment. His homeo clinic is dedicated to guiding you on your path to holistic healing. Embrace the power of homeopathy & take the first step towards a healthier life by contacting best homeopathic doctor in Karachi.


Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi

FAQs About Best Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi

Who is the best homeopathic doctor in Karachi?

His name is Dr MA Karim.

How to contact best homeo dr in Karachi?

You will have to just call on 0312-4662785 for contacting best homeopathic doctor of Karachi.

Does Best Homeo Doctor of Karachi have any online presence?

Yes you may  visit his official website i.e

What is the fb page URL of Best homeopathic clinic of Karachi?

The URL of FB page of cliniconline.k is

Does has any fb page?

Yes the best homeopathic clinic in Karachi has a facebook page namely homeopathy rocks and its URL is