Institute of Southern Punjab ISP Multan Admission 2024

Institute of Southern Punjab Multan Admission 2024 in Spring Semester

Institute of Southern Punjab Multan was awarded charter by Punjab government. HEC, PEC and NTC have also approved ISP Multan. After BZU Multan, Institute of Southern Punjab is the best higher education institute in the city of Multan. Main campus of ISP Multan is situated on 9KM, Bosan road and its women campus is situated at 31-A Gulgasht Multan. List of programs offered by both these campuses has been given below.



ISP Multan Spring Admission 2024

Now applications have been invited for Spring admission 2024 in ISP Multan. No application in Institute of Southern Punjab Multan will be entertained after the last date. Male and female students who are still waiting for their final exam result may also apply for provisional admission 2024. Financial assistance will be given to army officers and government employees. Well furnished hostel facility is available for girl students.



Programs Offered by ISP Multan

ISP Multan is also offering some new programs like BFA, 2 years associate degree in Finance & Accounting, IT Management, Hotel & Restaurant Management and Para Legal Studies. Other important programs are BS, MCS, MIT, BSc Engineering Technology, BEd, BS 5th semester, M.Phil, BBA, B.Com, ADCP and MBA. Institute of Southern Punjab has purpose built campuses with all the latest state of the art academic facilities like libraries, science labs, IT lab and smart class rooms. Lot of co-curricular and extra curricular facilities are also available. Entry test is mandatory for admission 2024 in selected programs.



More Details About ISP Multan Admission 2024

For more details about ISP Multan admission 2024 you have two options, either read the newspaper ad given below this page or visit the official website of the institute. Stay connected with and its face book page regularly for latest admission 2024 alerts. Deadline to apply for admission 2024 is 6th Feb, 2024.



Facilities at Institute of Southern Punjab Multan

This part of this blog post will inform you about the facilities in ISP Multan. We shall discuss these facilities one by one with details about all these facilities;


Modern Classrooms & Lecture Halls

At ISP Multan students have access to modern & well-equipped classrooms and lecture halls that have been designed to foster an interactive & engaging learning environment. The institute prioritizes comfort & functionality for ensuring that students can fully immerse themselves in their studies without any distractions.



Cutting-Edge Laboratories

Institute of Southern Punjab Multan boasts cutting-edge labs that cater to a wide range of disciplines for example science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM). These facilities are equipped with the latest tools & equipment for allowing students to engage in practical, hands-on learning experiences that complement their theoretical knowledge.



Extensive Library Resources

The main library at ISP is a treasure trove of knowledge. It houses an extensive collection of books and digital resources. Whether you are conducting research for a project or simply seeking a quiet space to study, the reference library of ISP Multan provides a welcoming & resourceful environment for students to expand their intellectual horizons.



Sports and Fitness Facilities

ISP offers top-notch sports & fitness facilities to promote physical well-being among students because it recognizes the importance of holistic development. From well-maintained sports fields to modern gymnasiums, students have ample opportunities to stay active & pursue their athletic interests.



Dining & Cafeteria Services

Feeding the body & mind go hand in hand and ISP ensures that students have access to nutritious & delicious dining options on campus. The cafeteria services offer a variety of culinary delights for catering to diverse dietary preferences & ensuring that students are well-nourished throughout their academic endeavors.



Student Support Services

ISP Multan is committed to providing comprehensive support services to its UG & PG students for example counseling , career guidance & academic advising. This holistic approach to student support fosters a nurturing & inclusive campus environment where every student feels valued and supported in their personal and academic journey.



Technology and IT Infrastructure

In today’s fast paced age, a robust technology & IT infrastructure is essential for academic success. ISP MTN is equipped with advanced computing facilities , high-speed internet connectivity & tech-savvy support services to ensure that students have the tools they need to excel in their studies.



Contact Details Centralized Admission Office ISP Multan

Phone Number-061-111-477-786, 4746001, 4746002, 4746003, 4746004-5
Mobile Number-0300-8632786, 0300-6304406, 0314-6882168, 0333-7627556



Final Words

In short the Institute of Southern Punjab in Multan stands out as a beacon of educational excellence. It offers a diverse array of facilities to cater to the holistic needs of its UG & PG students. Institute has latest academic resources to recreational amenities. ISP Multan is dedicated to creating a vibrant & enriching campus experience for all who walk through its doors. If you are considering ISP for your higher education journey then rest assured that you will have access to a wealth of facilities that are designed to enhance your learning & personal development.



Whether you are a prospective student or simply curious about life at ISP MTN, these top facilities serve as a testament to the institute’s unwavering commitment to providing a comprehensive & enriching educational experience.



Institute of Southern Punjab ISP Multan Admission 2024

Institute of Southern Punjab ISP Multan Admission 2024