Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan Admission 2023

Admissions 2023 in Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan Announced
Multan is one of the oldest cities in the heart of Punjab. It has seen the ethnic groups of diverse nature. The city was a centre of activities for the Muslims, Hindus and even Christians. The signs are found in the city even today. The city is also housing several saints and religious leaders. That is why it is known as the city of saints. The city is also famous for the huge markets and malls. The city is also the centre of several cultural activities all through the year. It is flourishing itself as the agricultural and industrial hub of the country too. Numerous cultural changes have been witnessed over the last few years.



Today the city proudly houses the modern and the ancient together. The ancient signs surrounded by the modern make it a great place to be. The city is developing leaps and bounds. The heat of the city is unbearable. In the scorching heat of Multan, the city of saints, Bahauddin Zakariya University is doing a great job in giving the best educational facilities to the students. The BZU University offers a quality education in the Punjab Province. The students can either study in the main campus or can join the affiliated institutions. The Bahauddin Zakariya University has the sub campuses in other cities of Punjab too.



The BZU University Multan is offering the undergraduate and the post graduate courses for the upcoming session of 2023. The courses are being offered under the following faculties:


  • Faculty of sciences
  • Faculty of Islamic studies and languages
  • Faculty of arts and social sciences
  • Faculty of commerce, law and business administration



Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan Admission 2023 Process:

  • The Bahauddin Zakariya University admission 2023 forms along with the prospectus can be obtained from the designated branches of the HBL, as mentioned in the newspaper ad.
  • The above mentioned documents can be obtained by registered mail by sending draft of due amount in favor of the treasurer or by sending through courier services. It is important to send the self addressed envelope along with the draft.
  • All applications for all classes must reach office till 02 Oct, 2023 before 4:00 pm.
  • The incomplete, late applications will not be catered. The applications reaching BZU University but in other offices will not be considered if they reach in the required office late.
  • The details regarding the criteria, eligibility and all related information are available through the prospectus.


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Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan Admission 2023


Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan Admission 2023




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