Airport Security Force ASF Jobs 2024, Online Preparation, Form, Eligibility

All Latest Airport Security Force ASF Jobs 2024, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Online Preparation

Airport security force is a federal government law enforcement agency, which is responsible to perform security responsibilities in all air ports of Pakistan. ASF has great history of sacrifices. Large number of ASF officers have given their lives for protection homeland. ASF employees enjoy very little authority just at airports, but they perform very hard duty.



Airport Security Force ASF Jobs 2024 (ASI, Corporal) Form & Test Result

ASF Jobs 2024 Types

You may join ASF as
Assistant Director (BPS-17)
Inspector (BPS-16)
Assistant Sub Inspector (BPS-11)
Corporal (BPS -07)


Selection criteria for all these ASF jobs 2024 is different, which you may see through the link given below. Ads may be given for some other posts too like Corporal Driver, Steno-typist, Assistant, UDC, LDC, Cashier, Electrician, MT Driver & lower level staff.


Understand the selection process

To increase your chances of success, it is recommended by us to have a comprehensive understanding of the selection process for ASF jobs 2024 and for this purpose you should read the ad fully and watch youtube videos on the said topic. We are also going to share the details about ASF selection process below;


1. Written examination

Prepare for the ASF written examination by studying relevant subjects for example English, Math, everyday science, Urdu, current affairs, Islamic studies, Pak studies, & General Knowledge. Familiarize yourself with the A.S.F exam structre and practice solving sample papers & previous year question papers to enhance your time management and problem-solving skills.


2. Physical tests

Physical fitness is also a key aspect of selection procedure of ASF jobs 2024. Focus on developing a regular exercise routine to improve your stamina & strength. Tailor your workouts to include exercises specifically targeting running, push-ups & other physical tests commonly conducted during the selection process.


3. Interview & personality assessment

The interview & personality assessment stage evaluates your communication skills , problem-solving abilities & suitability for the role . Enhance your communication skills, both written & verbal, by improving your English language proficiency. Practice effective verbal communication techniques and prepare yourself for common interview questions.


Airport Security Force ASF Jobs 2024, Form, Eligibility Criteria

Airport Security Force ASF Jobs 2024, Online Preparation, Form, Eligibility


ASF conduct the departmental recruitment tests for all ASF jobs. Written test is conducted at airports. You may also get application forms from airports. Selected candidates can be posted in any airport across the country. Army Act 1952 is applied on all those candidates who are recruited in Airport Security Force ASF.



Test Day Instructions

Candidates are directed to bring their original educational and experience documents, attested copies of educational certificates, 2 recent colored photographs( 2 X 1 1/2) at the time of submitting application forms. Candidates are directed to wear quality jogger shoes for 1 mile running test. Airport Security Force will not be responsible for any incident during the running test.


Preparation Tips for ASF Jobs 2024

A. Research the job requirements and qualifications

Before starting your preparation for latest ASF jobs 2024, first of all understand the job requirements & qualifications set by the Airport Security Force. This will help you align your efforts & focus on the areas that matter the most. Some key aspects to consider are;


1. Physical fitness requirements

ASF jobs require individuals to be physically fit & capable of performing their duties efficiently. Be prepared for physical tests like running, push-ups & other exercises to assess your strength & stamina.


2. Educational qualifications

Check the educational qualifications required for ASF jobs 2024. Typically a high school diploma or equivalent is required, but some jobs may have additional educational requirements . Make sure you meet the necessary qualifications before applying.


3. Age limits & nationality requirements


ASF jobs often have age limits & nationality requirements . Check the specific age range & nationality criteria set by the Airport Security Force Pakistan to ensure your eligibility for the position.


Prepare for the written examination

To excel in the ASF written test first of all create a study plan & allocate dedicated time to each subject. Revise & practice regularly to strengthen your knowledge and understanding. Utilize study materials, textbooks, online resources & coaching if required. Solve sample papers & previous year question papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and identify areas where you need improvement.

Focus on physical fitness training

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of ASF jobs. Develop a regular exercise routine that includes cardiovascular exercises to improve your endurance for running tests. Incorporate strength training exercises like push-ups, squats & planks to build your overall strength. Consider working with a fitness trainer to design a workout plan tailored to your needs & goals.


Enhance your communication skills

Effective communication skills are essential for ASF jobs. Focus on improving your English language proficiency by reading books , newspapers & online articles. Practice writing essays, reports & emails to enhance your written communication skills. Additionally work on your verbal communication by practicing speaking in English with friends, family or language exchange partners. Consider joining public speaking clubs or taking communication courses to further enhance your skills.


Duties of ASF Officers

ASF officers play a critical role in ensuring the safety & security of airports and surrounding areas. Some of their main responsibilities include;

a. Conducting security checks at airports

ASF officers are responsible for conducting thorough security checks on passengers, baggage, & cargo to prevent the entry of prohibited items or threats.


b. Ensuring passenger safety & preventing unauthorized entry

ASF officers ensure the safety of passengers by monitoring access points, verifying identification documents & preventing unauthorized entry into restricted areas.


c. Handling emergency situations

ASF officers are trained to handle emergency situations like bomb threats, medical emergencies or security breaches. They play a key role in coordinating responses & ensuring the safety of all individuals present at the airport .


d. Coordinating with other security agencies

ASF officers work closely with other security agencies for example local law enforcement, immigration & customs, to maintain a seamless and efficient security system at airports.



Final Words

Written test is taken on computerized exam sheet so applicants are advised to bring black marker for filling the circle on right answers of MCQs. After the written test and physical test short listed candidates are called for interview in different centers. Both male and female candidates can apply for majority of ASF jobs 2024. Visit and its facebook page daily, for latest job alerts.Now click the following link for updates about Airport Security Force ASF jobs 2024, form and eligibility criteria. 2 links have been given for online preparation of ASI and Sub inspector posts in Airport Security Force.


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