Sub Inspector Jobs Online Test, MCQs, Sample Paper

Sub Inspector SI Jobs Online Quiz, MCQs, Model Paper
Welcome to our page about Sub Inspector Jobs Online Test. Sub Inspectors are given 14 grade in Pakistan. In Punjab police they can be even appointed as SHO. Provincial Public Service Commissions take the written test for the posts of Sub Inspector SI. SI jobs are advertised almost in all newspapers. We have developed this online test for Sub Inspector jobs in almost all law enforcement agencies like Punjab Police, ASF, IB, CTD, Sindh Police, KPK Police, Balochistan Police, Pakistan Railways Police and Pakistan Rangers. Other than salary many allowances are also given to sub inspector.

Sub Inspector Jobs Online Test, MCQs, Sample Paper

Sub Inspector Jobs Online Test, MCQs, Sample Paper

We have also uploaded ASI jobs online test. You must try it too because these two tests very much resemble with each other. You need to improve your general knowledge about Pakistan, Islam, Current Affairs, Science, Arithmetic, IT and Urdu/English literature for getting good marks in SI jobs test. We are going to publish separate online tests for all these subjects. This Sub Inspector jobs online test will help you in understanding the written test pattern and format as it is just like sample paper. Stay in touch with our website and its facebook page for latests tests on various topics. Wish you good luck for your future.

Sub Inspector Jobs Online Test, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Model Paper, SI Jobs Online Test for Punjab Police, IB, Pakistan Rangers, ASF, CTD, Pakistan Railways Police etc.

1. Name the poet who wrote “All the world is a stage”?


2. How much is 3 to the 3rd power?


3. Who wrote the famous Urdu Novel Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی?


4. Homonym of Byte is……?


5. A coalition government means ……………?


6. Name the last Mughal Emperor?


7. In Which City Headquarter of OIC is situated?


8. Which is the Roman numeral for 18?


9. Gomal University is situated in which city?


10. Name the biggest search engine?


11. First constitution of Pakistan was introduced in ……..?


12. Complete the series 10, 17, 26, 37………….?


13. Which one of these is the odd number?


14. Quaid e Azam M Ali Jinnah apposed the Rewlatt bill in ……….?


15. Vitamin C is found in …………….?


16. Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?


17. Who was mother of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW?


18. CPEC is being constructed between Pakistan and ……………?


19. Name the Muslim conquerer who conquered the Constantinople in 1453?


20. Rueter is a famous …………..?


21. How much is this following Roman numeral: MMDCX?


22. Which one of these is a leap year?


23. Which form of verb is used in passive voice?


24. First young man who accepted Islam was………..?


25. Usman has 117 balls. He wants to make packets of balls, with 9 balls in each packet, how many packets will he be able to make?


26. One belt one road OBOR is a strategical plan of which country?


27. Pakistan won the ICC cricket world cup in ………..?


28. What is the real name of Daleep Kumar?


29. Antonym of major is ……..?


30. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) had …………… daughters (R.A).


31. Kala bagh dam will be constructed in district …………?


32. Which girl of Pakistan has won noble prize?


33. Name the most famous Urdu female poetess of young generation?


34. In which medium sound can not travel?


35. All India Muslim League was founded in ………..?


36. Quaid e Azam used to take Rs…………… monthly salary as first Governor General of Pakistan?


37. A bus covers 25 km in two liters of diesel, how many liter of diesel it will consume in covering 150 km?


38. Synonym of fertile is………..?


39. FBI is the abbreviation of ……………?


40. Bab ul Islam is the second name of which province?


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