World Bank Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Students, Eligibility, Procedure, Benefits

Study Abroad World Bank Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Students, Eligibility Criteria, Procedure to Apply, Key Benefits
World Bank Scholarship has been working since the year 1982. Ever since the time of its establishment, this scholarship has produced around 6,000 professional and highly knowledgeable professionals for a better future growth! On the current level, this scholarship program has been offering around two major resources for the funding for the graduate courses in the fields of development. This is purposely meant for the researchers as well as professionals.



Introduction about World Bank Scholarship 2024

This scholarship program is free to apply for both male and female in terms of having a vast professional experience. Only those applicants can apply for this scholarship program who are having at least 3 years of complete paid employment on the full-time basis. They should be having a degree of bachelor in the previous 6 years of time period.


World Bank Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Students, Eligibility, Procedure, Benefits


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How You Can apply for World Bank Scholarship 2024?

You can apply for this scholarship program by visiting the main official website for the application form. You have to submit the complete application form on the basis of the term and condition specifically mentioned in it. You also need to provide the recommendation letter which needs to be signed from the university research adviser. All the documents that are required should be uploaded online.



Who can apply for World Bank Scholarship 2024?

In order to apply for this application process, it is important that the applicant should be meeting up with all the required guidelines that is required to be the part of this procedure. Below are some of the major requirements:



It is important that the application should be a national by the side of World Bank Developing country,
They should not be having any sort of dual citizenship.
They should be providing all the health documents as well.
You need to have a 3 years old bachelor degree.
You should have at least 3 years of working experience in the specific field.



What are the benefits World Bank Scholarship 2024?

The whole criteria of this scholarship have been funded through the supervision of Japan Government. If in case the scholar has not been already attending graduate course, the whole scholarship management will be funding their air travel ticketing and will be providing them an allowance of around USD 500.
Plus the entire tuition fee along with the food expense and accommodation expense will be handled by the government. It will be depending according to the main hosting country.



Final Words

World Bank scholarship 2024 will not be covering the visa application process cost, or the expenses that are required to bring any other house member along with you. The expenses are not including any sort of training or courses which are being held outside the university. Scholarship program will not be handling any sort of expenses that are not meeting up with the criteria of the minimum credits of the University for earning the degree of graduation.


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