What is Electropathy? Scope of Electrohomeopathy Diploma, Medicines, Benefits, History

All You Need to Know About Electropathy or Electrohomeopathy in Pakistan, Advantages, Side Effects, Medicines List, Scope & Legal Position of Diploma in Electropathy, Historic Background, Relation with Homeopathy, Theory, Founder & Tips
Looking for a natural, fast and effective way to heal? Then you can consider the option to try the electropathy! This unique form of treatment which has few similarities with homeopathy uses natural medicines to stimulate the body’s own healing response. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition like cancer, hepatitis, diabetes or just looking for a way to boost your overall health, electropathy can help you in this regard. Electropathy is also known as electrohomeopathy. Electropathy is relatively a new method of treatment which can be a safe & effective way to improve your health.



What is Electropathy? Scope of Electrohomeopathy Diploma, Medicines, Benefits, History


What is Electropathy? Scope of Electrohomeopathy Diploma, Medicines, Benefits, History

What is Electropathy?

Electropathy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses medicines which act like electricity to promote healing. Proponents of electropathy believe that this form of holistic therapy can be used to treat a wide range of diseases, from simple pain relief to cancer.



There is limited scientific research to support the efficacy of electrohomeopathy. It is said by allopathic physicians that electrohomeopathy should not be used in place of conventional medical care. However, some small studies have shown promising results in the treatment of various diseases and many people who have tried electrohomeopathy report positive experiences. Due to lack of scientific research still electrohomeopathy is considered to be a pseudoscience by the scientific community. Its supporters claim that electropathy has scientific background, its on philosophy and medicines with quick results. They present the proof of various clinical trials of electro homeopathic medicines in favour of their claim.



If you are also one of those individuals who are seriously considering electropathy as a treatment option, it is important to consult with a qualified and experienced practitioner to ensure that it is safe & appropriate for you.



Electrohomeopathic Medicines & Their Benefits

A1, A2, A3, C1 to C17, F1 & F2, L1 & L2, S1 to S12, Ver1 & Ver2, V1 to V5, Slass, SY, APP, BE, GE, RE, YE and APP are 38 main electrohomeopathic medicines.
Electrohomeopathy therapy has been shown to be effective in treating following diseases;
1- Chronic pain
2- Arthritis
3- Muscle spasms
4- Joint pain
5- Infections
6- Inflammation
8-Weak eyesight
10-Chronic diseases



The History of Electropathy

In 1865 an Italian physician named Count Cesare Mattei developed a system of medicine called electrohomeopathy. Count Cesare Mattei continued to experiment with different herbs & eventually developed a system of medicine that could be used to treat a wide variety of ailments with just 38 medicines. Electropathy became very popular in the early 1900s and Count Cesare Mattei’s ideas were even adopted by some mainstream medical practitioners. However electropathy fell out of favor in the late 1900s.



Is Electricity Used in Electropathy or Electrohomeopathy?

Its a misconception that electricity is used for treatment of various diseases in electrohomeopathy, but reality is totally different. In fact this method of treatment has been given its name due to the quick result of its some remedies like blue electricity, white electricity, green electricity, yellow electricity and white electricity. These medicines are used externally. Electropathy has no relation with the DC or AC electricity.



What is The Relation Between Electropathy and Homeopathy?

In homeopathic method of treatment medicines are used in their diluted form. In electropathy also diluted remedies are used. There is no other similarities between these two alternative therapies. Its a fact that Count Cesare Mattei was impressed by the Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy that’s why he used the term homeopathy. Homeopathy is more effective and recognized way of treatment. In future it is expected that electropathy will merge in homeopathy just like biochemic way of treatment which uses 12 tissue salts for treatment of all diseases.



Electrohomeopathy in Pakistan

Electropathy is not considered a legal method of treatment in Pakistan. All the colleges offering diploma courses in electrohomeopathy are fake, so never get admission in them. More over electrohomeopathic medicines are not available easily in Pakistan. Few homeopathic doctors are practicing in electropathy but legally they are not allowed to do so. If you want to learn electropathy then use the online resources or read books on electrohomeopathy.



Points To Be Remember

1-Electropathy claims that root cause of all diseases is the change in lymph and blood and such a change can be reversed with electrohomeopathic medicines.

2-Electropathic medicines are made with the extracts of plants.

3-Now there are total 60 electrohomeopathic medicines.

4-Electropathy is not a recognized method of treatment in any country of the world.

5-No electrical devices or electricity are used in electropathy.
6-Practice of electropathy is considered quackery.

7- Cesare Mattei (1809–1896) was the inventor of electropathy.

8-Electropathy claims that it is the nonsurgical treatment of abnormal cells growth or cancer.

9-Due to use of diluted medicines no severe side effects have been noticed of electrohomeopathic medicines.

10-Basic philosophy of homeopathy and electro homeopathy is entirely different.




Electropathy may have some effective medicines but there is no scientific record available about their effectiveness. Its too a fact that modern scientists are not interested to research on electrohomeopathy. Electropathy is very popular in India but even Indian government has not still recognized it as an alternative therapy. It is risky to consult a electrohomeopathic doctors as they have not studied from any recognized medical school. Scientists should research on electrohomeopathy for testing the its claims.


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