Mobilink SMS Packages 2024 With Prices & Activation Details

Jazz Mobilink SMS Packages 2024-Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Prepaid & Postpaid)

Mobile phones are a great medium.of communication. They can be taken anywhere anytime. It has made us connected all the time. While we are traveling we can communicate with our friends and loved ones. The life of communication started with the mobiles phones in a simple way. The people only used to talk through the voice connection. This little marvel kept changing and then came the text messages. These short comprehensive texts replaced the letter writing of the past. Very few words said it all. The emotions and feelings could be associated with the messages too. Few times later there were MMS to share the happy moments through the pictures, audios and videos. As the internet joined the mobile phone world, a new history started. It was possible to surf, search and communicate through the internet. Now people no longer needed computer to log in to the social media sites or write on email. The mobile screen had everything. The mobiles had several applications to support our routine works including Microsoft tools. It is a great gaming zone and also a little library to work with.  Hence, today mobile phone is not just a device but it is a real picture if the global village concept.



Mobile phone companies explored the need and passion of people and offered a number of packages at very convenient rates. They even supported Internet, messaging and calls.


Important Points

The GSM, LTE based Mobilink is an acclaimed mobile service in the country. It is the seventh name to enter into list of the mobile service providers. It has now taken over the warid company too. Warid was solely possessed by the company named Abu Dhabi Group. It is a business conglomerate in the gulf region. On the other hand it covers major portion of investment in the Pakistan. The said group has used it as a debut in the field of communication by launching Warid. Today it is the fourth among the other networks working in the country. In November 2015, an understanding was made between the companies VimpelCom and Abu Dhabi Group to combine the Mobilink and Warid.




Mobilink cares about the customers. It has come up with a great idea of several Mobilink SMS packages to choose from. They are daily, weekly, monthly and even three day Mobilink SMS packages available. The code is provided for each of the Mobilink sms packages 2024 on the official website and by dialing these from the mobile the subscription of the required can be done.


Mobilink SMS Packages 2024 With Pries & Activation Details



Mobilink SMS Packages 2024 (Prepaid)

Jazz Prepaid SMS & WhatsApp Packages 2024



Mobilink SMS Packages 2024 (Postpaid)

Jazz Postpaid WhatsApp & SMS Packages 2024


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