Wafaqul Madaris Result 2023 Annual & Supply Examination

Online Wifaqul Madaris Result 2023 Annual And Supplementary Exams
Islam is the religion of knowledge, peace and wisdom. It has always emphasized on gaining knowledge regardless of the type of knowledge. There is no distinction between the worldly and religious education in our great religion. It is obligatory for a man and woman both to seek education till death. The people were encouraged to travel even miles away to seek education for serving the humanity. Because of this emphasis teachers and religious scholars are considered highly prestigious person in the society. They have to be respected a lot just because of their knowledge.



Pakistan is created as an Islamic Ideological state. There are many religious educational institutions working in Pakistan today. The religious education is given at primary, middle, secondary and higher level. Many madaris offer contemporary education too, so that their students are able to cope with the global changes also. The students can learn Qur’an by heart, learn Arabic language, religious foundations etc while studying in the Madaris. Many of these are providing free boarding in order to keep the students in a totally religious environment.


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Wafaqul Madaris Result 2023 Annual & Supply Examination


The government felt the need of a controlling body for all the madaris. Just like BISE boards dealt with the traditional school education Wafaqul Madaris was established for the madaris, to regulate their syllabus, update the faculty with the modern techniques of teaching and take the exams. It was created in 1957 and today Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia is the largest regulatory body of Pakistan. It is looking after 8,000 Iqra Schools and 10,000 Islamic madaris working in Pakistan. It is located in Multan. The Wafaqul Madaris has to do a lot of work to render best services. Every religious institute requires the registration of Wafaqul Madaris to work. It also ensures that the madaris maintain the religious harmony and peace within the country. The syllabus is designed to encourage tolerance, patience and unity among the Islamic scholars.



Wafaq plans the examination and conducts them on time. The system is like any other educational board of the country. The papers are designed from the syllabus to check the proficiency of the subject. Once the annual exams are over Wafaqul Madaris result is announced. The students who unfortunately can’t pass the annual exams are then given a chance to appear in the supply. If you want the updated data keep visiting us for Wafaqul Madaris result 2023 annual & supply examination. We hope to see a group of well-groomed and devoted religious figures to guide our youth.



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