VU LMS Guide For Beginners-Vulms

VULMS Guideline For Students of Virtual University (VU)
VU LMS stands for Virtual University Learning Management System. This system is actually working as a platform which will be letting the students to easily manage all of their experiences related with education. These experiences will be during the time when you are studying in university. You can make it happen by logging into the Vulms. VU LMS will be letting the students to perform the below mentioned functions:


Virtual University (VU) Admission Procedure, Fee & Courses


VU LMS Guide For Beginners-Vulms

They can update and maintain their personal information.

Get all important announcements by the side of their university.

Get a chance to maintain all your important notes and personal diary.

View the complete lecture schedule fully.

In addition you can also read your notes about the lecture.

Download all your assignments and perform the submission of solutions to get good grades.

Ask different questions from the tutors and get its answers instantly.

Participate in different class discussions or quizzes.

You can also view all your results as well as monitor your entire academic progress as through the use of grade book.

Plus, you can also check the status of your fee and can also download the fee vouchers.

You can also put all your requests related with student’s services.


How you can use VULMS?
If you want to get an access to VU LMS, then it is important to make use of computer with internet connection along with standard browser installed all through. If you somehow do not understand this whole process, then you don’t need to take stress about it. There will be an orientation complete session in the starting few days in which you can get entire information.


How you can Ask Questions?
MDB stands for Moderated Discussing Board! This discussion board is the main facility that has been set upon through which you can ask any sort of questions related to the lessons. You can also read with some handouts before the video lecture starts off. You can check out the lecture in a form of video, start preparing the main key notes. You can check out the related pages or the main section of your handout, after which you can check all the internet resources as they are mentioned inside course calendar. In addition you can even discuss or share all your ideas which is given away on discussion board. You can ask any sort of questions by getting in touch with discussion board.


As you logged into VU LMS, you should first of all be visiting the FAQs in order to figure out that if there any sort of queries already discussed related with the course. All your queries will be answered by the tutors in just a least time period. You can even take enough help from the queries which has been asked by some other students from the tutors. This will let you know about the background of that specific subject on clear terms. You can manage all your important details and information of courses and educational record without any hassle of moving around here and there.

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