USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Global Ugrad Urdu Guide

Guide about USEFP Undergraduate exchange program , Global Ugrad Urdu guide is here. This program is launched by the Educational and Cultural affairs department of United States of America. It is this United Stated educational foundation working in Pakistan which is administering this program. And on the other hand, from the side of United States of America, this program is monitored by International research and exchanges board. It has been a little time frame that this USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program wad introduced and it has given satisfactory results in less time. Among all Pakistani university level students, this program has become one of the highly popular programs. This program is about academic exchange as well as cultural exchange sessions.

USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Global Ugrad Urdu Guide

USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Urdu Guide

Conditions While Applying in USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program

If you are a citizen of Pakistan and you are enrolled and admitted in HEC recognized university then all those students can apply in this program. Selected students have to show this committment that will return back to their home country. Candidate should have strong and powerful leadership skills in their personalities. They should have a great potential both at the academic level and at the community activities level.
If you are seriously interested in getting education from US universities then this platform should not be ignored by you. If your academic achievement is up to the mark and you think that you are competitive and possess a high level in your academic grades then apply in this USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program. With your application, you need to show reference and recommendation letter. They will put up more powerful and strong impact in your selection process.

Your English language skills have to be proficient. If you are from the diverse or under developed part of Pakistan then you are excessively encouraged to apply/ If you have a permanent residence in USA then you cannot apply. And also, if you have a dual nationality then you cannot be in this program. You should only possess a single nationality and this nationality should be of Pakistan. Your passport should have a validity time, do not attach expired passport details with your form.=


Applying Procedure for USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program Global Ugrad

You have to apply through an online channel. That is you will log into their official website and from there, you will receive the copy of your application form. You have to furnish all documents which this selection committee will demand from you.

So make sure that you go through the details of USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program one more time. Just fill this application form with a calm and peaceful mind. Do attach all credentials and reference, recommendation letters with your form. You have to make case all stronger so that this selection committee of this subjected program can select you in first attempt. Just stay over here and remain connected. If more news on this exchange program will come from the respective authority, we will update you. Visit facebook page of too.