Top Ten Study Abroad Tips in Urdu & English

Most of the students find difficult when they are studying abroad, so how can they cope with this challenge? We will guide you. We know that if one will get a foreign education then it turns out to be one of the fun experiences. Below we have listed and shared these top 10 tips for you and by following these tips, you can make your studying abroad experience more pleasant one:

Top Ten Study Abroad Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Study Abroad Tips in Urdu & English


  1. Familiarizing Yourself With All Laws of That Country

You should be familiarizing yourself with all of the legal laws of that country where you will be getting foreign education. Before you travel to that country, read its all laws in-detail. In this way, your wont be breaking any law mistakenly.


  1. Avoid Leaving Your Luggage at Public Places

As you will be in the foreign country, so do take care of your luggage a lot. You should leave your bag or luggage at any public place. Do not trust on strangers and never ask them to take care of your luggage.


  1. Do Not be Involved in Any Drugs Case

You should stay away from any illegal use of drugs. You are in this foreign country to get education and to get a degree, so stick with this mission.


  1. Read History and Norms of That Country

Before you make this headway to start your studies in abroad, you need to learn and go through the history of that country. In this way, you will explore that country easily. By knowing about their values and historic value, you will get use to that foreign country quickly.


  1. Explore That Country While You Are Studying

You need to make this studies experience more enjoyable. Though you have to give enough time to your studies, at the same time, you should carry out your tour experiences too.


  1. Take Advantage from Student Discounts

Almost all foreign countries offer many student discount packages, So it is better that you avail them! You should not be spending much money while having tours and exploring that country, instead save this money and spend it on your educational expenses. For touring, you can avail these student discount cards.


  1. Determine Your Communication Medium

You have to decide that with what medium, you will be communicating with your family and friends. You can either get a budget friendly internet connection for yourself and talk to them on skype.


  1. Take Enough Money With You

As you are studying abroad, that is why you should not run out of money. You should have enough money in your hands as long as your foreign degree phase is going on.


  1. Make Contacts and Friends

You should make a lot of contact. This foreign degree phase of yours should not be limited to studies, you need to make friends during that time and explore your contact and friend zone.


  1. Act Like a Local Person

In that abroad country, you have to act like a local person. You should not feel that you are a stranger over here.