Ufone SMS Packages 2024 Prices, Codes, Terms and Conditions

Ufone SMS Packages 2024, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly With Prices & Activation Details

Almost everyone has a mobile phone today. It is unimaginable to think of the world without this handy gadget. It is easy to carry communication for anyone, of any age. It not just communicates with the people, but also helps you to stay in touch with the global changes. The early mobile phones were simple way of joining to the other people through calls. As the GSM mobiles were introduced, the SMS services were introduced. The voices were transformed into the textual content.



Ufone SMS Bundles 2024

The subscribers got the chance to communicate via words. The later android versions were equipped with more applications. Even Internet became a part of our lives with 3G and 4G offers. The mobile is now a small world of excitement, fun and thrill. From writing a simple message to watch your famous movie or even using the MS office applications, it has everything. It offers a great deal of fun for all ages. There is a great set of games available to play on your mobiles. The screen sizes are also there to offer better look on the mobile. In short, mobile phone is a mini world of communication and connectivity. It is easy to handle and portable to carry anywhere.



Why Ufone SMS Packages 2024?

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited or Ufone is a renowned GSM/3G cellular service provider that is working in Pakistan since 1999. It was the third service provider that invaded the mobile world in Pakistan. In 2001, under the title Ufone it started working for the people of Pakistan. PTML was initially working as a subsidiary working under the complete control of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. After PTCL was privatized, Ufone was taken up in 2006 as a member of Etisalat. Today, the number of subscribers has increased and the Ufone has become the fourth large GSM service provider when it comes to the number of subscribers. The PTA claims more than 24 million subscribers of Ufone. It enjoys a market share of 18%. Now company has announced its Ufone SMS packages 2024.



Final Words

Keeping in view the increased demand, company has started several packages to facilitate the subscribers included Ufone SMS packages. Some packages are comprehensive offering the call packages, Internet bundles and Ufone SMS packages, while the others are meant solely for the Ufone SMS services. The introduction of super loads worth 500/- and 275/- are an added convenience for a month and 15 days respectively. The Ufone SMS packages also vary in case of the prepaid and post paid packages.


Ufone SMS Packages 2024 Prices, Codes, Terms and Conditions


Ufone SMS Packages 2024 (Prepaid)

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Ufone SMS Packages 2024 (Postpaid)


Ufone SMS Packages 2022 (Postpaid)

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