Top Ten Tips For Improving Vocabulary Quickly

Top Ten Super Tips For Improving Vocabulary

You should know that vocabulary is all defined as a collection of words and phrases. It is a collection of lines and languages. It is not an easy task to know a word and then to recognize and use it at the same time. If we talk about the real and actual definition of Vocabulary then we can say that it is a knowledge about a particular word. Each one of us should make a good an form use of a vocabulary. It is true that if you want to build up your vocabulary then it comes out to be a lifelong and hectic process. As the time passes and as we start growing in the phases of our lives then our vocabulary also starts to grow. It is studied that a five year old get to know about and almost 5000 words. On the other hand an adult knows at least and about 50000 words. From this page, you will know about wide in number of ways that can enhance your vocabulary Here are top ten tips for improving vocabulary:

How can you improve your vocabulary in less span of time?
You should keep on reading
The best way to boost up and improve your vocabulary skills is to keep on reading. It is one of the effective and best ways that can for sure improve yours vocabulary. This method is adopted and marked as the best one by majority in number of people. You should read daily newspapers. Try to develop these reading habits. Keep on reading long articles and get used to reading of difficult stories. Read the national topics and articles at the international level. Study about the business stories. Do read as much newspapers and also magazines as you can.


Top Ten Tips For Improving Vocabulary Quickly

You should note down all of the important and new words
It is true that when you start reading then you do come across new and unknown words. Note them down and induct them in your mind. You should make yourself aware of as many words as you can! It is seen that your ignore and avoid 70% of words while reading. You should not ignore such kinds of words. Try to understand their meanings. You should make this habit as to not to skip the unknown words. You should get a general understanding of those words.

Keep on writing more and more
If you really want to improve your vocabulary then you should keep on writing! It is a fact that the more you will write, the more will be chances in the improvement of your vocabulary. Just try to write anything you want to! You can start with the diary writing as well. You will see that after some days, all of your common words will then be replaced with some more interesting words.

Try to solve word games
With the help of playing word games, you can effectively increase your vocabulary. You can solve the Word puzzles. They will increase and enhance your word knowledge. You can get the vocabulary puzzles and crosswords. All of these techniques can strengthen and boost your word and vocabulary knowledge for sure.
Here are some other recommended ways/tips to improve your vocabulary quickly;

  • Read newspapers and books by legend writers.
  • Take interest in literature and poetry too.
  • Write new words on the last page of each book you read.
  • Try to write dairy daily, use your newly learnt words while writing dairy.
  • Use new words in your conversation with others.
  • Take part in speech competitions.
  • Listen everyone carefully specially watch tv with full concentration.
  • Visit and its fb page daily for the same reason.


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