First Ever Student Visa Interview Online Quiz, Expected Questions with Answers

Study Abroad-First Ever Online Student Visa Interview Quiz of The World, MCQs
Its not an easy job to get the student visa of any developed country. You need to clear study visa interview at the embassy of concern country. Majority of students have no idea about student visa interview. We have decided to guide the students in this regard. On this page you can view expected questions with best possible answers. We have given just an idea about best answers, you should always speak the truth in the student visa interview.

First Ever Student Visa Online Quiz, Expected Questions with Answers

First Ever Student Visa Interview Online Quiz, Expected Questions with Answers

Always speak the truth in student visa interview. Present the 100 % genuine documents to the visa officers as these documents will be checked. Appear in the study visa interview with full confidence. Appear in the interview after good preparation this MCQ test will help you in this regard. Our given answers are not final as your answers depend on your individual circumstances. We are just going to give you an idea about general answers of expected set of questions.

No other website of the world has uploaded study visa quiz till now. is going to publish first ever online student visa interview quiz of the world. This student visa quiz will be helpful for those students who want to get the student visa of USA, UK, France, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, South Africa, Korea, Cyprus, Turkey, Ireland and Schengen states. Situation handling is the key to success in study visa interview. Learn the art of situation handling for correct answers of the expected questions in the student visa interview. Now start your MCQ test and try to understand the logic behind the each correct answer as your answers should be logical and correct. Wish you all the best for your student visa interview.

1. How will this study program relate to your past subjects or studies?


2. Will you continue to work for your current employer after you graduate?


3. Why you have not chosen a local institute for higher studies?


4. How do you plan to fund the entire duration of your education?


5. How will you manage the cultural and educational differences while studying in our country?


6. Will you return back to your home country after graduating?


7. How good is your English?


8. Why you have not applied for admission in other first world countries?


9. What is your sponsor’s occupation?


10. How many colleges did you apply to?



Why you have chosen this specific college/university?


12. Can you provide your last tax return?


13. What is your definition of education?


14. Why have you chosen our country for further study?


15. Give reasons why you will not stay in our country after graduating.


16. How many hours you will like to work daily while studying?


17. Why are you planning to continue your education?


18. Have you clear the required standardized tests for admission like IELTS/GRE etc?


19. What are your plans after graduation?


20. What do you do at present?


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