Scope of Special Education in Pakistan, Degrees, Jobs & Career

 Special Education is getting out to be huge in demand among the students these days. If we define the term special education, then it is basically known out to be the type of the education branch that is equipping the teacher to deal with the students having the disable skills. The special education teacher is equipped with all the skills and services through which they get in communication with the disable students through the usage of the special techniques and methods. Right through this post we will discuss about the scope and high importance of special education study in Pakistan.

High Importance of Special Education in Pakistan:

              It is being said that inside the educational world of Pakistan there are quite a few number of fields that would reward you back with the reputation. In all such fields we would add you up with the name of Special education as well. This field is not just about helping the disable students in the teaching but at the same time it would reward you back with the handsome salary package too. This is the biggest advantage of this field work. If you would give a look around you would be finding so many educational universities and colleges in Pakistan who are offering best degree study in the field of special education.

Scope of Special Education in Pakistan, Degrees, Jobs & Career

Scope of Special Education in Pakistan, Degrees, Jobs & Career

List of Short Courses and Diplomas in Special Education in Pakistan:

                            Here below we have given a list of short courses and diplomas that are being offered in special education in Pakistan educational field:

  • BA in Hearing Impairment
  • Ed in Special Needs
  • Ed in Visual Impairment
  • BA Honors
  • BS Honors
  • MA in Special Education
  • MS in Special Education
  • MPHil in Special Education
  • Short Course in Sign Language
  • Short Course in Speech Therapy
  • Master in Speech Sciences
  • Master in Hearing Sciences
  • PhD

What Are The Employment Options For Special Education in Pakistan?

                       Some of the main and very important employment options that are being offered in the special education in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Occupational Therapy Center
  • Speech and Language Therapy Clinics
  • Pediatric Units in Children Hospitals
  • Psychological Clinics
  • Private Special Education Units
  • NGO’s
  • Day Care Centers
  • Physio Therapy Centers
  • Special Education Training Centers
  • Publishing Houses
  • Research Centers
  • Social Welfare Departments
  • Ministry of Education
  • Career Counseling Firms
  • Government Special Education Centers
  • Consultancy Centers

List of Different Job Types in Special Education in Pakistan:

  • Educational Teacher or Professor
  • Research Expert
  • Consultant Advisor
  • Career Counseling Expert
  • Publishing Writer
  • Day Care Center Careholder
  • Doctor or Nurse
  • Health Care Advisor
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech and Language Therapist

Who Should Study the Field of Special Education?

                    Those people should think about studying the special education who do have the special interest in the teaching of the disable students. They should be having the interest in the life hereafter. They should have the skills of being the born teacher. They must be having the strong communication skills. This field can also come across as ideal for the students who are taking maximum interest in the field of the psychology. The individual should have creative minds too.

So this was the complete discussion behind the field of special education and what kind of scope it do offer within its inception. If you want to make your future bright by doing a study that offer you the reputable status in society then choosing special education is the best alternative.

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