Scope of Organic Chemistry in Pakistan, Intro, Benefits, Job Prospects, Career

Career Counseling on Scope of Organic Chemistry, Job Opportunities, Subject Matter, Job Duties & Tips
The study about the organic compounds, it is done by this field line which is organic chemistry. In order to study in detail about the properties and structure of organic compounds, then you have to study this sector. It is with the medicinal chemistry and biochemistry that this subjected field has the closest connections. This field is also extremely connected with these branches and they are polymer chemistry, microbiology, organometallic chemistry and stereochemistry. Here we will give more advanced information to the readers about this field, so do not miss any detail:


Scope of Organic Chemistry in Pakistan, Intro, Benefits, Job Prospects, Career

Core Topics Part of Organic Chemistry
You will be studying these core topics if you are getting linked to this field and they are the topics of hydrocarbons, alkenes, nitriles, alkynes, imines, peptides, phenol, carboxylic acid, lipids, carbohydrates. You will also study the topics of hybrid orbitals, ketones, ester, ethers.

Then the topics on carbon compounds, alcohols, nitro group, proteins, amino acids, benzene, acetals, chemical bonds, oximes will be offered to you,

Scope in Organic Chemistry
These organic chemistry professionals can work as an environmental chemist, chemical industry. Work for the petroleum industry, consumer product manufacturing industry, clinical testing laboratories. These people can too get a job as a food scientist, forensic analyst, lab researcher, public laboratories, research assistant.

More job options will continue to be opened for you and you even work as an organic chemist, military chemist. These pharmaceutical companies, plastic industry, textile chemist, rubber industry, biotechnology companies, colleges, universities demand organic chemists as well.

Job Duties in Organic Chemistry
If any of the organic chemists are working and serving in the pharmaceutical companies, then they have to develop new drugs. They have to analyze the highly advanced theoretical concepts. They develop compounds like that of a new antibiotic. They make anti-tumor agents and do the replacement of hormones.

These professionals also work in the form of forensic chemists. In this job, they have to analyze organic compounds like that of blood, hair samples or the paint chips, saliva, glass fragments. These chemists should have excellent public speaking skills and too organizational abilities. Their other duties are to constantly analyzing compounds and writing reports as well as they have to be publishing scientific papers.

If you work for the sector of research and development, then they have to customize or may have to develop the products which are useful for the consumers. They maintain laboratory equipment. They troubleshoot the malfunctions. They use all latest kinds of statistical software and mathematical modeling software so that malfunctioning can be diagnosed.

Qualities Needed in Organic Chemist Professionals
You need to have a problem solving ability and possess excellent leadership skills. Both great verbal and written communication skills are needed. The research oriented mindset is another condition which is required in this field. You need to have a professional analytical mind and should take an extreme interest in the research and development sides.

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