Scope of Lady Health Visitor, Duties, Skills Required, Eligibility, Jobs, Career

Career Counseling on Scope of Lady Health Worker, Tips, Job Prospects, Skills Needed, Eligibility Criteria, Nature of Work, Benefits, Salary
To help out and assist the female community of Pakistan about the health care issues, these lady health visitors play an important role in this area. These workers can be called as mobile health care workers. It is in such a hostile environment that these workers are performing their duties. It is the time that we should praise them! They are being often attacked by the terrorists. Still these lady health workers are performing their tasks with dedication. Their important duty is to carry out the polio eradication campaign in their nearby areas. Here you will come to know more about this LHV job position so read the rest of the details:


Scope of Lady Health Visitor, Duties, Skills Required, Eligibility, Jobs, Career

Job Duties of a Lady Health Visitor
These lady health visitors are usually included in the midwives category. It is their duty to bring the vital and important care measures to their female patients. They work with the primary health-care team.

They assess the effectiveness of the present and current procedures. They have to work with the GPs and nursery nurses as well as with the midwives and too with the community staff nurses. They help the females and new parents so that they can get an understanding about the childcare issues. New mothers do not have enough knowledge about the child development and feeding areas, these lady health workers guide them about these areas.

These workers set up the health plans. They get involved with the local community projects. They give their support on the sensitive issues like that of postnatal depression and disability and too on the domestic violence.

If any female is diagnosed and has to be treated on the minor health condition, then these workers assist them. They support and train their newly arrived health visitors. These lady health visitors plan out the promotional displays for the sake of solving health-care issues.

How to Become a Lady Health Visitor?
You have to be the local resident. If your marital status is married then you will be preferred. Minimum age requirement is 18 years and your education should be up the middle standard. After carrying out the necessary verification procedure and interview proceedings, you will be hired. It is suggested to these lady health workers that they they continue their education to matric and inter level. In this way, they can further apply for the nursing post by doing the diploma or any course related to it.

Skills Needed in Lady Health Visitor
These lady health workers should have excellent communication skills and remarkable listening skills. The presence of patience and too persuasiveness should be there. They should know how to interpret body language and the rest of the non-verbal communication. These female workers should know how to manage sensitive females issues on the emotional note.

If you are interested in becoming a lady health visitor, you can do that! You can keep tuned with us and more info on this respectable and highly dedicated profession will be given to you.