Scope Of Occupational Therapist In Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Physiotherapy is also known by the name of occupational therapist. This field program is becoming so important and in greater demand among the students on top of the high level. No doubt that among so many fields of medical sciences in Pakistan, the field of occupational therapist is said to be much more successful for building up the future career of the students. You would be finding this education as being provided on top of both bachelor and master level students.

Scope Of Occupational Therapist In Pakistan

Scope Of Occupational Therapist In Pakistan

What Is Occupational Therapy All About?

The experts of the occupational therapist are basically concerned about studying the conditions of the patients who are into the conditions of the pain of legs an joints. They do deal with the individuals who are not able to perform any kind task by their own.

Nature of Work of Occupational Therapy:

In order to be the part of this field work then it is important that you should have a complete know how about the laboratory workings and all about the methods that are being used in terms of curing of diseases and movements. You can take the best assistance from the training services through which you would be able to become the physiotherapist adding without patient clinics or offices or the inpatient rehabilitation facilities along with the extended care facilities and also the homes.

Talk About Occupational Therapy In Pakistan Career Option:

No doubt that with the passage of time this field is getting out to be immense in demand among the students. But the main question that do hit their minds is that what sort of employment options are provided to them in this field work. Below we would add up some employment areas options for the students in the category of occupational therapy:
Research Worker
Research Assistant
Employee in Hospital
Therapy Consultant
Sports Trainer
Customer Care Specialist
Rehabilitation Expert
Educational Centers
Mental Hospitals
Rehabilitation Centers
Private Clinics
Health Institutions
Old Age Homes
Fitness Centers
Sports Clubs
Medical Establishments
Mentally Retarded Centers
Centers for Handpicked People

List of Occupational Therapy Core or Major Courses in Pakistan:

Below we will discuss with some of the main specialization fields or subjects which you will be studying in the course of occupational therapy:
Ethics, Supervision and Administration
Exercise Therapy
Orientation To Physiotherapy
Integrated Seminars and PBL Sessions
Orthopedics & Grammatology

What Are The Admission Requirements for Occupational Therapy Admissions in Pakistan?

If you want to take admission in this program then it is important that you should passed the matriculation and intermediate in the subjects of the physics, chemistry and the English and biology. You should be having at least 50% of the percentage in all these subjects.


On the whole of this detail discussion we would say that the field of doctor of occupational therapy is no doubt best in terms of giving your career with the brighter prospects. You should get into the detail study about this subject course to know about its subjects, course duration and employment options.

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