Scope Of Immunology In Pakistan

Among so many fields of medical in Pakistan, we do not miss out mentioning with the name of Immunology in it. Immunology is one of the reputable and respectable field that is concerned with the medical sciences. Now a days the field of Immunology is getting out to be too much in demand on greater level among the students. This field study is also known by the name of Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences. It is so far coming out to be one of the most recommended degree in the Pakistan among the female percentage.

Scope Of Immunology In Pakistan

Scope Of Immunology In Pakistan

List of Different Fields In Immunology in Pakistan:

Some of the basic fields of immunology in Pakistan are as follows:
Clinical Biochemistry
Genetics Cytogenetic
Bio Informatics
Medical Imaging Technology
Molecular Biology

How To Take Admission in Immunology Program in Pakistan?

This program has been all comprised with the duration that is about 5 years program that is done as you are finish with the course study of the FSC pre medical. If you want to take admission in this program then it is important that you should be having at least 50% of the marks score in the FSC pre medical studies. If you do get fail in successfully passing through the pre medical entry test then finding the option of choosing this field of becoming the doctor is best alternative for the female students.

List of Important Core and Major Subjects in Immunology Program in Pakistan:

Medical Statistics and Research Methods
Behaviorial Sciences
Information Technology
Islamic Studies
Pakistan Studies
Chemical Pathology
Blood Banking

List of Important Career Employment Areas In Immunology Program in Pakistan:

Director of Nursing
Public Diagnostic Labs
Doctors Clinic
Nurse Administrator
Forensic Nurse
Assistant Nursing Superintendent
Reference Labs
Non Government Organizations
Para Medical Training Centers
Nurse Supervisor
Biotechnology Laboratories
Research labs
Private Medical Laboratory Labs
Nursing Lecturer
Staff Nurse
Nurse Principal

List of Important Employment Areas in Immunology Program in Pakistan:

The degree holders of the immunology do have the main question in their minds that what sort of employment areas are present in the immunology in Pakistan.
Clinics Sectors
Factories Departments
Hospital Centers
Laboratory Incharge
Research Scientists
Heath Departments and Centers
Industrial Sectors
Government Servant
Healthcare Professionals
Military Houses
Medical Departments and Centers
Nursing Home Centers
Orphanage Centers
Old Age Centers
Railways Departments
Educational Centers
Training Centers

Main Skills Required For Immunology Experts in Pakistan:

It is important that you should have excellent observation in terms of the skills. You should be having the best skills on the analytical level. You should be having greater sum of interest in the medical sciences along with the biological sciences. Plus, you should be having strong communication skills with your client or patient.


So what are you waiting for? Step into this field now and earn the best reputable status by making your way in the employment area that suits your skills and abilities at the best level.

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