Scope of Geography in Pakistan, Intro, Benefits, Job Prospects, Required Abilities, Career

Career Counseling on Scope of Geography in Pakistan, Introduction, Job Options, Required Qualities, Online Test
We know that this field line of geography, it is an all-encompassing discipline. In this field, you will be seeking and receiving a complete understanding of Earth. You will study about human complexities as well as natural complexities. It has two main branches and they are human geography and physical geography. We can also say that this field line is the study of the Earth and also about its features and too about its inhabitants. We study the complete phenomena of earth. This word geography, it is derived from the Greek words which means Earth and to write, draw.


Scope of Geography in Pakistan, Intro, Benefits, Job Prospects, Required Abilities, Career

Branches of Geography
In human geography, we have these branches and they are economic and population geography, medical geography, recreation geography. We have the branches related to political regions, age and rural geography, transportation geography as well as urban geography.

Then in the physical geography, we have biogeography, hazards geography and mountain geography. Then we have coastal and marine geography.

Job Options in Geography
Working in the geological department, mineral exploration companies, environmental adviser, meteorological department, you can opt these paths;

These professionals work in the universities. Serve as a geographer or work in the research institutes, emergency services or as a marketing expert, librarian.

Work as a real estate adviser, GIS specialist. These geography field professionals can work for the housing development or as a community developer.

You can become a research writer or look for a job in the colleges. Serve in the disaster management department or work as a demographer, consultant. Then in the publishing house, working as a map maker, you can choose these lines. The construction companies, transportation adviser companies, they demand these field professionals too.

Scope of Geography
There is a great scope for this geography line. The great demand of cultural geographers cannot be denied. In this job, you will assess the relationship which is present between geography and culture.

You can become an economic geographer. In this position, you will study the economic activities as well as about the distribution of resources. We have great demand of these environmental geographers. These individuals have to research the effect and impact placed by the humans on the environment. Then we have medical geographers, they have to investigate and assess the distribution of all of the health issues and diseases.

Skills Required in Geography Field
These geographers should know how to collect the geographic data by doing the field observations and making maps. You have to make use of the quantitative methods like we have statistical analysis methods. Then the know how about the use of qualitative methods should be known by these geographers. You should have the expertise of making diagrams and maps. The expertise in terms of the drawing and making of visual representations should be at your finger tips. You will be analyzing the geographic distribution when it comes to physical factors and cultural characteristics.

So stay tuned and more thorough information on this geography field will be put up. What are your reviews on this field and how far you see it as an important discipline let us know. We also published first online world geography quiz in Pakistan with multiple choice questions MCQ, here is the link of this test through which you may check your general knowledge about world geography.

First Online World Geography Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Test