First Online World Geography Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Test

First World Geography Map Online Test in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions GK MCQ Test

You are now at the page where we have published first online world geography test in Pakistan. Our online quizzes and tests are really unique in nature as we do not copy them. Our team is very creative that’s why we have developed many online quizzes first time not in Pakistan but the whole world.

First Online World Geography Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Test

First Online World Geography Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Test

Geography is very important subject as it opens new horizon of knowledge in your mind. Its an important topic of general knowledge too. This MCQ test will help you a lot in improving your general knowledge. We advice you to study the world map frequently.

We are very selective in the selection of MCQs too. We try to chose very very important and most repeated GK MCQs from past papers of diffent competitive exams and admission entry tests.

We also follow the principles of true research in this regard, that’s why we are sure that in future our website will be a reference sites for paper setters too. Even at present university professors, paper setters, Principal of officer academy, renowned educationists, subject specialists, gazetted government officers and researchers are included in our research and development team. High standard of our online quizzes is due to efforts of these brilliant stars. Soon we shall let you introduce with our team members. We are also going to publish Pakistan’s first online MCQ test on world map & atlas with unique MCQs very soon. You must attempt this online quiz too. Lot more related online tests are in our pipeline. We shall publish them after seeing your response on our already published online quizzes.

Now its time to take first ever online world geography MCQ test. Take the MCQ test and share that what you feel while taking this test.


Depth of the deepest part of the ocean Marina Trench (Pacific Ocean near Philippine) is about

2. In which area 19 highest peaks out of 25 are located


3. What is a Peninsula?



Which country has maximum number of neighbors touching its border (14)


Which is the largest rain forest of the world?


About 90% of the world’s population lives in


Which is the largest non-rivered country of the world?


Utopian continent Atlantis was located in


Which Sea has no coast?


Which city is located in 2 continents?


Which is the largest lake of the world?


Which continent cover all four hemispheres?


Which famous water fall is located between USA and Canada?


Which Mountain is closest to the moon?


Dead Sea situated between Israel and Jordan is a ………?


Which is the largest gulf of the world?

17. What is a Plateau?



Which country has more than half of natural water lakes?

19. Which is the highest water fall of the world?



Which smallest Island has the status of country with just 1.75 sq miles area?

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