Scope Of Criminology In Pakistan

Do you want to know about the scope of criminology in Pakistan? By definition criminology is known as the branch of the sociology and also combined with the branch of psychology. In this course study the experts would be able to get the learning and training that is all concerned with the latest investigation methods. They are also given the information in which they are taught all about the modern methods of the psychological techniques for the purpose of handling the criminals of various levels.

Scope Of Criminology In Pakistan

Scope Of Criminology In Pakistan

What Is the Nature of Work As Criminology Expert in Pakistan?

They are basically involved in working as the psychologist that are engaged in working with the task of rehabilitation of the criminals. They do perform the task in which they act as the member of the investigation team. In their various tasks they are performing the tasks in which they do work in the forensic labs all along with the criminal lawyers. But in order to move into this profession it is important that you should be having the degree of LLB in your hands. You can also step into the MS, MPHIL or the PHD program for learning this program.

List of Important Career Options For Criminology Expert in Pakistan:

Now below we would add up with some options of the career for the students of criminology studies in Pakistan:
Anti Corruption Departments
Forensic Labs
Police Training Colleges
Intelligence Agencies
Provincial and Federal Investigation Departments
Female Jails
Armed Forces
Military Police Departments
Interior Affairs Departments

Few Important Job Types of Criminology Expert in Pakistan:

Investigation Officer
NGO Activist
Criminal Psychologist
Army Officer
Criminal Lawyer
Public Prosecutor
Professor in Training Centers
Crime and Court Reporter

Main Skills Required For Criminology Expert in Pakistan:

If you want to be the part of this field then it is important that you should be having the ability in which you should convince others by means of your arguments. It is also important that you should be having greater sum of interest in the human psychology all along with the applied and clinical psychology. You should be having good communication skills to get into interaction with the criminals.

How To Take Admission in Criminology Program?

In order to take admission in this program it is important that you should have passed the BA or BSC degree with at least 2nd division after which you would be able to get the admission in the MSC or MA program of criminology.

Important List of Core/ Major Subjects in Criminology Program:

Introduction to Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and Security Studies
Drug Abuse and Related Crimes in Pakistan
Importance of Forensic Sciences in Criminology
Policing and Investigation in Pakistan
Crimes and Criminology in Pakistan
Criminal Investigation Methods and Theories
Research Methods
Latest Research in Criminal Psychology
Use of Computer Technology


So this was the overall discussion about the scope and high importance of criminology in Pakistan! It has wide range of employment options that do assist you in giving your future with brighter prospects. Apply for it now!

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