Scope Of BSC Hons In Pakistan

You might have listen about the scope of the BSC Honors in the Pakistan. With the passage of time the BSC Honors degree is holding greater sum of importance among the students of the medical and engineering. BSC Honors is basically identified to be the 4 years of bachelor program that is much common among the students who study the science subjects in their intermediate level. Students have a conception in their minds that there are just two types of studies in Pakistan i.e. medical and engineering. Although it is not true because the students who could not somehow pass the medical entry test they can move ahead to the successful future by choosing the BSC Honors program. Right through this post, we would be getting into discussion about the scope of BSC Honors in Pakistan.

Scope Of BSC Hons In Pakistan

Scope Of BSC Hons In Pakistan

Who Can Take Admission in BSC Honors Program?

BSC stands for Bachelor in Sciences. As it is evident from the name that this course is about the study of the sciences. But it is not important that only the science students can take admission in it. All those students who have successfully passed with their intermediate studies FA/FSC/ICS/ICOM can take admission in it. As you would look around you would be finding so many universities on the Government and private level who are involved in making you offer the best education of the BSC Honors subject. This study degree is getting high in scope among the girls and especially among the students who are not able to clear the medical and engineering entry tests.

List of Different Subjects in BSC Honors in Pakistan:

BSC in Chemistry
BSC in Physics
BSC in Biology
BSC in Psychology
BSC in Sociology
BSC in Botany
BSC in Zoology

What Is The Scope of BSC Honors in Pakistan?

The degree of the BSC Honors would be opening so many career options and doorways for you. It has a huge scope in Pakistan. You can choose with the employment field according to the type of the subject you are choosing in BSC Honors program. Some of the important career options are:
Educational Institutions
Research Centers
Science Labs
Private Science Companies
Forest Government Departments
Veterinary Clinics
Green Houses

List of Important Employment Areas In BSC Honors In Pakistan:

Lab Attendend
Health Advisor
Forest Advisor and Care Taker
Green House Care Taker
Research Experts


Apart from it there are so many options of employment in BSC Honors in your subjects which you would learn after you would get into the study of your courses. But be sure that you should always try to choose the subject that falls in your comfort level. If you would choose the subject by viewing the high scope in it then you would never be able to get its proper knowledge. If you have been studying the BSC Honors in Pakistan then you are on the right track path to make your future bright.

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